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If you look out for a partner or family member who can't cope without your help due to illness, frailty, disability or a mental health or addiction problem, you're a carer. But have you ever planned for what would happen if you were suddenly unavailable?

At the last census 90,000 people in Surrey identified themselves as an unpaid carer. Just under half report that they provide less than 9 hours of support a week, but 24,000 provide 50+ hours.

We work with the NHS and Crossroads Care Surrey to offer a free Surrey Carers Card and key fob, which highlights your status to others (and offers you additional discounts on goods and services).

A card to suit your circumstances

You can choose from two types of card, both of which highlight your caring role if you are suddenly unavailable:

The basic card contains the contact details of a substitute carer and is a good option if you already have a trusted second person on hand who can step in.

The more advanced card is linked to a 24/7 personalised Emergency Care Plan and comes with up to 48 hours of emergency support if your other nominees aren't available.

Like the cards themselves, the emergency planning service is completely free. It's put together after a detailed telephone call with the team at Crossroads and can kick into action when someone quotes the unique reference number contained on your card.

Apply for free now

You can learn more about the cards and how to get one by visiting the following web page: Surrey Carers Card.

If you're an unpaid carer you already do an amazing job. Thanks to the Surrey Carers Card you can give yourself the reassurance that comes from knowing your loved one will get support if you can't be there.

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