Who is responsible for the roadworks affecting you?

A significant amount of roadworks are carried out by utility companies

Roadworks affect lots of people and journeys and can be really frustrating, but did you know many roadworks are carried out by utility companies, not just Surrey County Council?

We're responsible for maintaining the majority of Surrey's roads, but utility companies including water, gas, electricity, and telecommunications providers, also have a vested interest in road maintenance. They must regularly access and repair underground infrastructure that runs beneath our roads, causing occasional disruptions to traffic.

Council roadworks and responsibilities

We're tasked with overseeing and maintaining the roads we have the responsibility of. This includes works such as road resurfacing, pothole repairs, and the installation of traffic management systems. However, we are not responsible for the maintenance of utility infrastructure beneath the road's surface.

Utility company roadworks and responsibilities

Utility companies are tasked with maintaining their respective networks. This involves inspecting, repairing and when necessary, replacing underground pipes, cables, and conduits. To access these infrastructures, utility companies must often dig up sections of road, leading to temporary closures and diversions. You can find out more about utility companies and the roadworks they complete on our frequently asked questions webpage.

Working together

It's not always obvious which roadworks are being carried out by the council or a utility company, which can sometimes be mis-leading. We work hard to try and coordinate any roadworks we are responsible for, to avoid running these at the same time as utility companies. Wherever possible we will collaborate with utility companies so that work required from both the council and utilities companies are completed at the same time, to avoid additional impacts to your journeys.

National Highways

National Highways manage and improve 4,300 miles of England's motorways and major A roads, helping you to have safer, smoother and more reliable journeys. Some Surrey roads are managed by National Highways. Works on these roads can often be mistaken for works carried out by the council.

There are currently major improvements happening on the A3 and M25 junction 10. This is a scheme National Highways manage, but impacts Surrey residents and can have an impact on surrounding council managed roads. Read more in our M25 and A3 junction 10 article.

Find out more

You can check our roadworks webpage for up to date information on roadworks being carried out by Surrey County Council and all other organisations such as utility companies, district and boroughs, Environment Agency and National Highways.

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