Major fuel spillage on A24 between Beare Green and Leatherhead

Road closure in progress

Due to a lorry spilling diesel, the A24 northbound between Beare Green roundabout and the Leatherhead M25 junction (J9) has been closed today (Tuesday 9 July 2024).

The road will remain closed until extensive repairs have taken place and it is safe for traffic. Please note there may also be closures on adjoining roads. We advise all Surrey residents to avoid the area.

Our response

Surrey Highways teams are on site making the area safe and cleaning up fuel and resurfacing over 10 miles of road. This process involves several critical steps, including containing and removing the diesel, assessing any potential environmental impacts, and repairing damage to the road surface.

We are also working closely with other local authorities and emergency services to support those affected by the incident.

In addition, Surrey Highways officers are hand-delivering information to local residents, local businesses and schools, who are directly impacted by the incident.

Why do we have to close a road after a diesel spillage?

Diesel can soften or dissolve the asphalt and bitumen used in road surfacing. This weakens the structural integrity of the road surface, possibly resulting in damage which makes the road unsafe.

Diesel can also make roads slippery, which can be hazardous for drivers. This is why we need to close the roads, assess and resurface where required, as soon and safety as possible.


Early investigations indicate that an excess of 75,000 square metres of road will require resurfacing. As of 6am on Thursday 11 July, we have laid over 2,750 tonnes of asphalt. This equates to 23,654 metres squared of resurfacing - the surface area of nearly six football pitches.

We are doing everything we can to get the road re-opened as soon as possible, but this is likely to take some time as the spillage has affected such a large area. We are aiming to fully open the road by Monday 22 July. Please note however that this is subject to change and weather dependent.

We are currently on target to fully reopen the A24 between Givens Grove to the M25 junction 9 Leatherhead before the M25 weekend closure comes into force at 9pm on Friday 12 July.

We want to extend our sincere apologies for the inconvenience and disruption this incident has caused. We are committed to resolving this issue with utmost urgency and appreciate your patience.

Stay informed

Keep an eye on our Surrey Highways Facebook and X accounts for the latest updates. Alternatively, you can visit our dedicated webpage, or refer to this news article.

If you have any urgent needs or concerns, please call 0300 200 1003.

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