Council budget agreed

What it means for you

The council has now agreed the full budget for the 2023 to 2024 financial year, outlining how much will be spent on all the different services it delivers for residents.

While services are being delivered more efficiently, rising inflation and increased demand, means that more money is due to be spent in almost every area.

However, the rise in council tax is being kept to a minimum, thanks to the transformation of the council over the last few years providing a solid financial base.

This year, residents will see a 2.99% increase in the Surrey County Council part of their bill, lower than the vast majority of other councils, and much lower than current rates of inflation.

Surrey County Council spends just over £1bn a year on delivering vital services such as Adult Social Care, Children's Services, maintaining roads and pavements, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, libraries, countryside management and public health.

The budget also outlines the council's five-year capital investment plan that will deliver more school places and improved school buildings, increased support for children with additional needs, road improvements, big infrastructure projects like in Farnham town centre, the River Thames flood defence scheme, grant funding community projects and increasing recycling capacity across Surrey.

For more information on the council's budget, see the budget web page.

No One Left Behind

Our budget survey, ahead of setting the budget, showed that residents agreed that services for the most vulnerable residents should be prioritised, and this is in keeping with the council's No One Left Behind ambition.

Setting out the budget at a council meeting in February, Council Leader Tim Oliver said: "We believe it is essential to only levy the absolute minimum we need to meet increased costs – cost increases largely driven by inflation - in order to protect people's household budgets as much as possible at this time.

"We are making the decision to face this financial challenge in the fairest way possible, balancing our needs and ambitions with the immediate cost of living impact on our residents."

Watch the video below of the full council meeting in February below.

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