Grass cutting programme

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We are responsible for grass cutting and weed control for public highways across Surrey. However, this doesn't mean we do everything. Some land, which might look like the highway, will be private or the responsibility of the local district or borough council.

Our grass cutting programme can be heavily affected by weather. We cannot cut when it is raining heavily or shortly after heavy rain, because machinery will not cut wet grass properly and risks damaging the grass itself. If the ground is saturated, like we experienced earlier this year, the machinery will damage the verge.

Over the past few months, grass cutting in some areas has been delayed and not always up to the standard we would like. The very wet March and April meant there were many days we couldn't cut areas. This has had a knock-on effect across the programme.

We are doing all we can to address the situation, including working with our contractors to increase resources and get the programme back on track.

When will grass be cut where I live?

Our new interactive grass cutting map shows you when your area is due to be cut.

Weather and ground conditions permitting, urban spaces are cut six times a year. For rural areas, cuts take place twice a year.

How can I find out more?

For more information, see our grass cutting programme.

If you have concerns about the height of highway grass impacting on driver's vision, please contact us so we can make sure this is prioritised.

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