Free flu jabs for Surrey carers

Are you caring for someone? Don't miss out on your flu jab voucher

Surrey carers are eligible for free jabs to protect themselves and their loved ones against seasonal flu. The NHS in Surrey and the county council are launching the Surrey Carers' Flu Voucher to encourage carers to get the jab as early as possible this flu season.

Why Surrey carers should get the flu jab

Flu and Covid viruses can be life threatening and have the potential to increase pressures faced by the NHS this winter, particularly if infection waves from both viruses coincide.

Getting your flu and Covid vaccines are two of the most important things you can do to keep yourself and others around you safe this winter.

We are therefore encouraging all unpaid carers in Surrey to take up the offer of a free flu vaccination as a priority, not only to protect themselves and the people they care for, but to help reduce hospital admissions during a time that we expect will be especially busy for the NHS and social care.

The vaccine programme has started, and all carers are encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as they can.

How to get a Surrey Carers' Flu Jab Voucher

Surrey Carers' Flu Jab Vouchers are available through our carer support services including:

If you are a carer looking after a family member or friend, you can ask for a flu jab at your GP practice or at a pharmacy offering the NHS flu vaccine. The vouchers provide the assurance that you are known to carers' services here in Surrey and are therefore entitled to a free vaccination.

More information about the voucher scheme and how it works can be found on the Action for Carers Surrey website.

Covid vaccine

Pharmacies and GP practices may be able to offer the Covid vaccination at the same time as the flu vaccination – just ask them. Covid vaccinations are available to book via the National Booking Service. You can self-identify as a carer through this service and don't need to provide any evidence of your carer status.

Vaccinations for those you care for

It's important that those most vulnerable also get their vaccinations. Did you know that if someone you care for has a learning disability, reasonable adjustments can be made to enable them to get their vaccinations for example, a carer looking after someone with a Learning Disability, you can ask your GP for reasonable adjustments. For example, if someone is afraid of needles , you can ask for the vaccine to be given as a spray instead. Find out more about the type of reasonable adjustments you can request.

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