COVID-19 spring booster

Are you eligible?

COVID-19 continues to circulate in the UK. Anybody can be infected and can pass it on to others. Although for most of us the infection is likely to be mild, the virus can make some people feel very unwell.

Others are still at considerable risk of severe illness, particularly those who are 75 years and older and those who have a weak immune system (immunosuppressed people).

COVID vaccination

The COVID-19 vaccines give safe and effective protection against severe illness and hospitalisation. While most people are no longer eligible for the vaccination, the spring 2024 programme will offer the vaccine to people who are most at risk of severe illness.

These include:

  • Residents in a care home for older adults (vaccine available from 15 April)
  • Adults who are 75 years old or older
  • Everyone over the age of 6 months old who has a weak immune system (immunosuppressed)

The National Booking System will be available from 15 April for all eligible people to book an appointment. Appointments will start from 22 April.

Everyone eligible is encouraged to come forward for their vaccine. Please see about COVID-19 vaccination for more information.

Reducing the spread of COVID

If you have symptoms of any respiratory infection, or a positive COVID-19 test, try to stay at home until you no longer feel unwell, or until you no longer have a high temperature (fever). It is important to avoid close contact with people you know are at higher risk, such as the elderly and people who are immunosuppressed.

If it is not possible to stay at home the living with COVID guidance advises how to reduce the risk of infecting other people.

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