Surrey Community Lounge

A place to come together

Surrey's Community Lounges are places where residents can meet other people in their area.

The social relationships and connections we make with other people are known to have positive effects on our health and overall wellbeing. Simply having a chat over a cuppa, being alongside other people, working together on activities or even playing a board game together can help reduce the isolation that many people in our communities often experience.

Our community lounges are relaxed, virtual or in-person spaces that can be used in flexible and creative ways. They can also be places where people share ideas and start working together to make their ideas happen.

A Community Lounge recently opened in Sheerwater, Woking and residents use the space just before or after popping into the local community shop, next door. Here residents have decided to introduce a clothing donation rail to help those who are struggling with the cost of living crisis.

How can I find out about the next lounge?

All our lounges will be publicised on the Surrey Community Lounge Facebook group.

Thanks to Spelthorne Resource Centre, the first event will be an online crafting session creating 3D animal portraits using a variety of materials you may have at home. This will take place on Wednesday, 3rd April from 3.30 to 4.30PM. Unleash your creativity and reserve your spot for the free online session.

You can also follow our Community Link Officer Facebook pages below. Our Community Link Officers are a link between the council and the local community, listening to the needs of residents and connecting with them to help make it happen. There are 11 Facebook pages in total, covering each district and borough across Surrey.

Quiz time!

If you're after something fun to do in the meantime you can take part in one of our community lounge skills-based quizzes.

Why not test your knowledge about celebrities in Surrey, help banish aliens or even reveal your own super-powers?

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