Welcome to Surrey and council support for Ukrainian Nationals


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Welcome to the UK

This guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK and covers what you need to know in your first few days, getting used to life in the UK, including how to find a home, access essential public services, healthcare, find work and childcare and education services. Welcome: a guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK (GOV.UK)

Registering with a doctor/GP to get healthcare

A General Practitioner, commonly known as a GP, is the first doctor you will usually visit for routine health problems in the UK. A GP can offer medical advice, provide a diagnosis and prescribe medicines. They might be your first point of contact for many physical and mental health concerns. The GP practice or doctors surgery is also responsible for coordinating and managing your long-term healthcare and they can refer you if you need more specialised hospital services

Everyone has a right to register with a GP and you do not need proof of address, immigration status, ID or an NHS number (you may be asked to provide ID but it is not a requirement). We strongly recommend that you register with a GP as soon as possible after you arrive. You can also register temporarily if you expect to be in an area for more than 24 hours but less than 3 months. If you have ID this can help make sure your name is spelled correctly in your NHS records. Find your nearest GP service

Who can you call in an emergency?

In an emergency you should call 999 and ask to for one of the four services: police, ambulance, fire or coastguard. You should only do this in an emergency situation such as:

  • a serious offence is in progress or has just been committed
  • someone is in immediate danger or harm
  • someone's life is at risk
  • property is in danger of being damaged
  • a serious disruption to the public is likely
  • there is a fire or road traffic collision that requires assistance

To contact police in a situation that isn't an emergency, you can submit a crime report online via the Surrey Police website, or you can click on the live chat button in the bottom right of the Surrey Police website. You can also call on 101.

Welcome to Surrey

Surrey is made up of 11 district and boroughs, some services that you will need can be provided by these district and borough councils others are provided by Surrey County Council.

To find out which district or borough you are in, simply type in the town or village where you are living by using this map Surrey Interactive Map (arcgis.com)

Support available in the different district and borough areas of Surrey

To find out what support is available in your local district and borough area please check the following websites.

Services provided by Surrey County Council and partners

Helpful points of contact for families

Surrey's Family Information Service is a free information and signposting service for families with children aged 0 to 19 (up to 25 years for those with additional needs). The role of our service is to help families get the most out of the information and services available in the community and online. This could be something like helping you find out about local events and activities for your child, or pointing you in the right direction when things aren't going so well and you need a bit of extra support.

The Learners' Single Point of Access (L-SPA) offers help and support if you have a concern about the development and/or learning needs of a child in Surrey. Both parents and practitioners working with children in Surrey are welcome to call the L-SPA. It is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, all year round (except Bank Holidays) on 0300 200 1015.

If you are a child or young person being abused or neglected, or an adult who is concerned about a child or young person's safety and wellbeing, you can contact the Children's Services 'Single Point of Access' between 9am to 5pm on Monday to Friday. Always call 999 in an emergency.

Family Centres

Family Centres provide one-to-one family support where family circumstances are having a significant impact on the health, development or wellbeing of the child/ children. Family Centre locations.

Learn English

Surrey Adult Learning now have 14 English courses available for Ukrainians entering the UK. To find out more visit the Surrey Adult Learning courses webpage.

Getting your children into a school for education

It is important that we capture the information for each child and so, if a parent or carer wishes to access a school place, they must apply in the usual way by completing an in-year application form. This will be either a Centrally Managed Application (CMA) or an Schools Managed Application (SMA) application form, depending on the process for each school.

Where can Ukrainian families find advice on getting a school place?

We recognise the challenges that families from Ukraine will face and so, if a parent or support worker needs further advice in relation to getting a school place, please contact Surrey Schools and Childcare Service.

Free home to school travel

Some children are eligible for home to school travel assistance. For criteria and how to apply please see the: Apply for under-16 travel assistance to school web pages.

Free school meals

Children in reception, Year 1 and Year 2 automatically get free school meals. Children in Year 3 or above may be eligible for free school meals. This includes if their parent is receiving Universal Credit. For more information and to apply for free school meals, you should contact your child's school.


Ukrainian nationals will be able to get advice and support to find childcare from our Family Information Service.

Financial, health and welfare support in Surrey

There is information about financial, health and welfare support online.

If you are unable to find the right help and support online you can speak with a member of our Community Helpline Team. You can talk through your needs with them and they will help to point you in the right direction for financial, welfare or wellbeing support in Surrey.

  • Telephone: 0300 200 1008 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays)
  • Complete our community helpline enquiry form
  • Textphone (via Text Relay): 18001 0300 200 1008
  • Telephone from overseas: +44 20 8541 9944 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays)
  • SMS: 07860 053 465
  • VRS: Sign language video relay service

Adult Social Care - getting support for a vulnerable adult

Adult social care aims to help people stay independent, safe and well so they can live the lives they want to. This includes people who are frail, have disabilities or mental health issues and the people who care for them. We provide information and advice about care and support, offer short-term help and options for longer-term support if people have more complex needs.

People who have fled Ukraine may arrive with care and support needs and may therefore benefit from adult social care.

Find out about adult social care services in Surrey and who can access them via our Adult social care and support webpages.

If you need further information or advice, you can call 0300 200 1005, email asc.infoandadvice@surreycc.gov.uk or use SMS (for the deaf or hard of hearing) on 07527 182 861.

You can refer to adult social care via Ukrainian.referralsASC@surreycc.gov.uk

Concerns for an adult

If you are concerned that an adult may be at risk of harm, abuse or neglect, please report it.

Call 0300 470 9100 or email ascmash@surreycc.gov.uk (available 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday)

During evenings, weekends and bank holidays, the Emergency Duty Team is available.

Call 01483 517898 or email: edt.ssd@surreycc.gov.uk