Sensory differences - an ATLAS blog post

One of our ATLAS members has shared their experience of having sensory issues.

A pair of hands are extended either side of a bubble tube which has neon bubbles floating through it

Sensory issues are an additional need which I have. It is where I struggle with different things sensory-wise like loud noises especially unexpected ones like:

  • Fire alarms
  • Shouting/screaming
  • Loud talking
  • Car alarms
  • Loud music
  • Traffic

However, there are loud noises I find that calm me like waves and bubble tubes. Other things that calm me are journals and drawings.


Touch can feel like an uncomfortable texture to me especially on my skin and clothes, but it affects my skin more which causes a sensory overload to my brain, meaning it is too much for my brain to deal with sensory wise. I am paranoid about being touched but I like hugs from Trap staff, a club I go to, or Honey my dog I like to stroke her fur because it feels soft.


I struggle with the smell of nail varnish and alcohol they are just way too strong of a smell for me to stand. Smells that I like are peach hand cream and strawberry lip balm.


I struggle with ice cream because it is too cold and feels like it is burning my insides. Chocolate is too bitter and too hard; I don't like the crunchy texture either. Foods that I like are omelettes with cheese, mushrooms, onions, and spinach I also like tomato soup, raspberry yoghurt.


I struggle with the flashing lights and bright lights because they feel like too strong and too much for my eyes this makes me shut my eyes because the light feels like it is in my eyes. Also smoke makes my eyes sting which is like a tingly feeling in my eyes which makes me have to cover up my eyes. I like seeing butterflies as they have such nice colours on their wings and flowers because of their pretty patterns.

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  • Reviewed: 23 Mar 2023

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