Entrapta was the autistic representation I didn’t know I needed - an ATLAS blog post

For those who don't know She-Ra and the Princesses of Power was based on the original She-Ra: Princesses of Power that was made in 1985 which was a spin-of of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series.

This reboot is about the story of an orphaned princess named Adora who leaves her old life in the evil Horde when she discovers a sword that has the magical powers to turn her into the warrior princess, She-Ra. Throughout her journey she unites other magical princess to fight against evil.

The character I will be talking about is Entrapta who is autistic which has been confirmed by crew members. One of these crew members, Sam Szymanski, is neurodivergent himself and helped with the development of Entrapta's character.

Entrapta is bright and bubbly princess of Dryl even though she does not have magical powers she is a genius when it comes to robotics and has a lot of knowledge about science too. Her special interest is definitely robotics, and she has got the skills to show it and is passionate about learning as much as possible about it. She stims a lot with her hair and makes excited noises when talking about tech, her eyes literally sparkle too.

"Imperfection is beautiful… at least to me", Entrapta says.

Throughout the show she is seen differently due to her struggles with social cues and fitting in with others. Even when feeling this way, she still loves her imperfections and even encourages one of the villains, Hordak, to love and appreciate his flaws. She is a character who truly tries to see the beauty in all.

"I'm not good at people," Entrapta responds, "but I am good at tech. I thought maybe if I could use tech to help you, you'd like me."

This quote from Entrapta is very relatable to me as an autistic person as sometimes I feel that you can only be likeable if you are use of to someone. Even with her struggles she tries to show she cares in her own way by using tech. The fact that she is so keen on making friendships also shows some myth busting of the stereotype that autistic people don't seek out friendships, we do but just in our own way. This a great way of showing how everyone expresses themselves in differently and we just need to be open minded in understanding these different communication styles.

For me Entrapta is great form of autistic representation as she shows the positivity with being autistic but also the downsides too. Despite this, she still overcomes what she finds difficult in her own way whilst accepting who she is. So, I hope from this we can all take pride in who we are as well.

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  • Reviewed: 12 Jul 2023

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