Surrey Young Mayor

The Surrey Youth Cabinet runs a program called the Surrey Young Mayor. The role of the young mayor is to champion the voices of young people, like you, across Surrey. They are elected for a term to represent your views. They also encourage you to create opportunities around issues that matter to you and your community.

The young mayor aims to:

  • Listen and act on the views of young people in Surrey
  • Encourage young people to be active citizens and champion democracy
  • Recognise the value and potential of young people's ideas and support them.

If you are interested in inviting the Surrey Young Mayor to an event or want to contribute to the work of the Surrey Youth Cabinet, please contact

Our current young mayor

The current young mayor in Surrey is Natalie Wingfield. She was elected in July 2021 and is passionate about the environment and continues to campaign for a cleaner, greener Surrey. Natalie is also a keen blogger, you can follow her blogs below.

Natalie's blog

Hi, I'm Natalie, the young mayor of Surrey, and throughout this summer, I will be blogging about some great walks you can get out and do in surrey. These first two I have been on recently. Walking is very good for you because it gives you more energy, and decreases risks of diseases formed in the heart and arteries. I enjoy walks because it helps me clear my mind.


A landscape image of Claremont Landscape Gardens showing a lake, trees and grass areaThis walk is the Claremont landscape garden. This garden is full of wildlife, and is a national trust park. I took my dog with me to the park and my family joined me. This is a great place and you can visit many times and go on different walks. There is a lake in the middle of the gardens, which is great to have picnics beside, or just relax. For the family activities are held seasonally, such as summer open air theatres in the amphitheatre, and there is a play area for children. Although it is a beautiful place, it may not be achievable for all families, as there is an entrance fee if you are not a national trust member, but I have another recommendation that is completely free and just as exciting...

Thames walk

This walk goes along the Thames, and starts in Hampton court, ending at Sunbury lock. You can then follow a path along the Thames, as far as you want to go. Not only is the path full of little surprises such as a tunnel that echoes if you speak into it, it is also very close to some rowing clubs, such as Molesey Boat Club and LEH's rowing club, so you may have the delight of watching the rowing in action! This walk also passes some great cafes if you want to stop for a drink or some food, labelled on the map. I enjoy this walk thoroughly, and go on it often. There are also two car parks nearby the Molesey Boat Club, which makes the walk accessible. It is a very easy path to follow and should be great fun for all ages!

Thank you so much for reading my walk recommendations. If you have any recommendations of good walks in Surrey, feel free to email and your walk could feature in the next update!

Stay safe,