About User Voice and Participation

In 2019, Surrey County Council's Children’s Rights Service (CRS) and the Rights and Participation Team (RAP) merged to become User Voice and Participation (UVP). Previously, the two teams worked separately, with the CRS focusing on consultation projects with looked after children and care leavers whilst the RAP team worked with young people who were accessing mental health and SEND services.

Since the formation of UVP, our team and work has grown, and we now run participation groups for a wide range of young people who are accessing services. The work we do as a team is aimed to empower young people to give their views on the services they are using. We then work alongside services and senior management to try and implement these changes and make a real difference to all children and young people who are using them.

We as a team work in a variety of different way, such as running consultation groups, facilitating training courses delivered by children and young people who are able to give a real insight into what it is like for young people to access these services. We also undertake consultations throughout the year to gather the views of children and young people and then use these to help improve services and highlight the areas young people feel things need to change.

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