Stories from our foster carers

Unique insight into what it means to foster with us.

Emma and Karin

Emma and Karin talk about their recent experience of being assessed and approved as foster carers with us, Surrey County Council.

Andy and Melanie

Over 6 years of being Supported Lodgings carers and we've experienced many highs and lows, but we remain committed and enthusiastic about the scheme, as we are continually reminded about the need to provide support to the young people who live with us.

Transitioning to being an adult under any circumstances is challenging, but in today's world and with the history that many of these young people have, it would be unthinkable without appropriate support mechanisms in place.

So often the impact of supported lodgings goes unseen, but when positive relational break-throughs are experienced and you see a young person move on from your home with increased confidence, independent living skills and career prospects developing, it is clear to see how important the time together has been.


I would like to share how happy I am that I have had the opportunity to become a supported lodgings carer. I am single, a mother and grandmother, living on my own for 17 years now. It can get lonely on your own sometimes, not having anyone there when you come home, no other life in your home.

For me becoming a supported carer was great because I'm easy-going, and love people. In my work, I look after people, so looking after a young person and helping them find their way in life gives me great pleasure.

You also get to look at how you can do things better, having the experience of going through these difficult stages of life and offering your knowledge to help these young people to grow and thrive in these new times.

I also find it helpful that I have a new energy in my home too. If you are kind and able to tolerate different situations, I believe you will learn and grow yourself, as you help someone else, so for me, it's a win, win situation.

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