Stories from Surrey Short Breaks users

Chris – a young person using the Surrey Short Breaks Service

Chris, a 17 year old with a learning disability, started visiting his short break carers Bill and Maggie over two years ago, and is now very much part of their family and enjoys being with their grown-up children and young grandson.

Chris spends 16 days a year with Bill and Maggie. When he's there he enjoys shopping for lunch, practising his cooking skills, walking the dogs and going with them to hear a local folk band.

He was so enthusiastic about his time with his short break carers that he asked to stay overnight occasionally and this is now part of his care plan.

Bill and Maggie enjoy time with Chris, seeing him develop his independence and are touched by how he appreciates what they do for him.

Debbie - a parent's experience of our Short Break Scheme

Single parent Debbie cares for her four-year-old daughter Lucy who has complex health needs requiring around the clock care, including feeding by a tube.

Through the Short Breaks Scheme, Lucy spends one night a week and one weekend a month – and sometimes longer - with short break carers June and Robert. Debbie explains the help this gives her:

"I love my daughter dearly, but at times I felt depressed and exhausted, had no time to do anything for myself or have a good nights sleep. Lucy loves being with June and Robert and it's a godsend for me. They take her to the park, seaside and generally spend good quality time with her. I've started yoga and I'm even planning a few days away with friends in Wales. I can do this in the knowledge that Lucy is well cared for and happy."

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