Call blocker application terms and conditions


  • We promise to protect your privacy when you use the call blocker.
  • This privacy notice explains how we use your data.

The trueCall unit

  • We're lending you the call blocker device for free.
  • We ask you to return it when you don't need it anymore.


  • An engineer from Mole Valley Life or other Trading Standards authorised individual will come to your house to install the device on your landline phone.

How it works

  • Your phone number's "caller ID" needs to be turned on for the device to work.
  • The device monitors your calls and collects anonymous information about who calls you and when.
  • This helps us identify and block nuisance/scam callers.

Data storage

  • We'll store information about your calls and how the device works in a database.

Informing others

  • You need to let anyone you regularly talk to on the phone know their information might be collected anonymously.

Sharing information

  • We may share anonymous information about nuisance/scam callers with other organizations to help stop unwanted calls and scammers, eg the UK Information Commissioner's Office.

Your personal data

We will only use your data for specific reasons, like:

  • Helping you with the call blocker or your account.
  • Preventing and detecting crime.
  • Warning you about suspicious calls.
  • Studying nuisance call patterns.
  • Legal requirements.
  • Maintaining the call blocker service.
  • Improving the call blocker service anonymously.

Your rights

  • You can request a copy of your data we hold.
  • You can ask us to delete your data at any time.


  • We can contact you about the call blocker loan by phone, mail, or email.


  • You'll need to fill out a short survey after using the device for 3 months.

Leaving the program

  • You can stop using the call blocker and return the device anytime.
  • We will then delete your data.

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