Arranging the funeral

Note: Please don't make any arrangements for the funeral until we've been in touch with you.
We may need to make a variety of arrangements before the body can be released to you for a funeral. If you book a funeral before speaking to the coroner's office, it may be delayed because these arrangements have not been completed.

What you will need to hold the funeral

To arrange the funeral you will need:

  • For the body to have been formally released by the Coroner. The Coroner's officer will notify you and your funeral director that the body can be released.
  • The necessary paperwork, which the Coroner will send to both the registrar and your funeral director.
  • A funeral director, or a plan to arrange a funeral yourself. If you are working with a funeral director, you need to notify the Coroner's office of your chosen funeral director. Please do this as soon as possible once one has been chosen. If you are arranging the funeral yourself, you need to contact the Coroner's office to let them know at and you must contact the cemeteries and crematorium department of your local district or borough council.

Releasing the body

If you have any specific religious or cultural requirements, please notify your Coroner's officer at the earliest opportunity. The Coroner will do their best to assist you in that regard.

Taking the body abroad

Please tell us at least four days in advance if you plan to take the body abroad for the funeral or burial. Sometimes we can give permission sooner in special circumstances. This notice should be made by submitting the Out of England Form by email to Your funeral director should be able to assist you with this.

Financial support for the funeral

If you need help with the cost for the funeral, you should get in touch with your local district or borough. They may be able to help with any funeral arrangements and the costs.

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