Religious and cultural objections to coroner practices

If you have any specific religious or cultural requirements that conflict with the standard procedures of the Coroner's office, please notify your Coroner's officer at the earliest opportunity. The Coroner will do their best to assist you in that regard.

Taking the body abroad

Please tell us at least four days in advance if you plan to take the body abroad for the funeral or burial. Sometimes we can give permission sooner in special circumstances. This notice should be made by submitting the Out of England Form by email to Your funeral director should be able to assist you with this.

Objecting to a post-mortem

Your faith may mean that you don't want the Coroner to carry out a surgical procedure to examine the body. If you inform us of such objections, we will make it a priority to try and meet your request where possible. We can sometimes do a non-invasive post-mortem but, unfortunately, this is not always possible because they do not always provide suitable results. It is ultimately the Coroner's decision what type of post-mortem is needed but we will do what we can to accommodate your objections.

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