School transport guidelines for parents

You play an important role in helping your child's home to school transport arrangements run well.

We ask parents and guardians to:

  • Tell us about your child's physical or medical needs when you apply for school transport. This is so that we can make the right arrangements to keep your child, the driver and other passengers safe.
  • Take your child to meet the vehicle at the start of the day and collect them from the vehicle on the return home.
  • Make sure your child is ready for the vehicle at the pick-up point at least 5 minutes before the pick-up time.
  • Check the official identity badge of the driver and passenger assistant. If they do not have their identification, or if you have any concerns, please tell us.
  • Tell us if the transport is often late, or if the driver or passenger assistant changes more than 3 times per term.
  • Tell us which responsible adult living near to your home has agreed to look after your child if you are not at home. You must give us their name, address and contact details in writing.
  • Collect your child if they become sick at school, we will not provide extra trips for this.
  • Collect your child from school if their behaviour on the way home has made the vehicle return to school.
  • Telephone the transport company as soon as possible if your child is sick or unable to attend school for any reason.
  • Tell the driver or passenger assistant if your child has a particular difficulty on any day.
  • Take your child to school during any period of exclusion from transport.
  • Work with us to find solutions if any problems arise.
  • Tell us about any concerns you have about your child's transport. We will investigate and record these, and make sure you are happy with the resolution.
  • Treat drivers, passenger assistants and office staff with respect. Do not be aggressive or abusive.

Find out how to contact us about school transport.

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