School transport disruption to services

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Fuel costs and driver shortage (May 2022)

Our national crisis of escalating fuel costs and national driver shortage has meant that some taxi companies are not able to provide transport for our children, or routes being retendered at inflated prices.

It is therefore a real challenge trying to execute our statutory obligation whilst addressing policy adherence, driver shortages and higher costs.

For many families, the only assistance we are able to offer currently is financial support to make their own arrangements, though we appreciate that this is not an option for some.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and we are continuing to work hard to try and provide solutions. We thank families for their patience and understanding.

Advice for parents and carers during bad weather

In the event of bad weather, the driver of the vehicle needs to consider whether it is safe to carry out the whole route or part of the route and it may be necessary to either change or cancel transport arrangements for safety reasons.

If you are advised that transport has been cancelled for your child's morning journey, you should assume that the afternoon journey will also be cancelled unless advised otherwise by the transport provider.

Parents who have chosen to take their children to school themselves during severe weather conditions, should ensure that they have confirmed return transport arrangements for their child before leaving them at school on that day.

Travel by taxi or minibus

  • If the decision is made to cancel or alter a route it is the driver's responsibility to inform the individual parent or carer of this intention.
  • Parents or carers are advised to make sure their driver has their contact details.
  • If parents or carers are unsure if their route is running, please contact their transport operator directly.

Travel by school coach

  • If the decision is made to cancel or alter a route, the coach company informs the school and the Transport Coordination Team.
  • If parents or carers wish to find out if their coach route is running, they can check with their child's school or contact the coach company directly.

Travel by public bus, including school buses

  • In the event of bad weather, parents or carers are advised to contact the bus operator directly or visit their website to find out if their service is running.
  • If pupils live on a minor road, parents or carers should advise them to wait on a main road for a bus as buses may not be able to travel down minor roads that have not been cleared or gritted.
  • For public buses, please also see the Bus service disruption due to bad weather page.

Travel by train

  • In the event of bad weather, parents or carers are advised to contact National Rail Enquires to find out about disruptions to services. Their telephone number is 08457 484950 or visit the National Rail website.