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Step 3: Complete any supplementary forms (secondary schools)

Summary of this step

You should complete any supplementary forms required by the schools that you have named on your application form.

You must do this by the date specified by the school.

Some Surrey schools need you to submit a completed supplementary form in addition to the application form. It provides the school with extra information relevant to its admissions criteria, to help the school when considering your application.

Your application will still be considered if you don't provide any required supplementary form, but it may mean your child receives lower priority for a place as the school can only consider the information on your application.

Check our directory of Surrey schools to find out if a school asks for a supplementary form and to download a copy.

Find out the closing date for the return of each form by checking the form or by contacting the school.

If you are applying for schools outside Surrey, contact the school or relevant local authority directly to check what supplementary forms may be needed.

Submitting a completed supplementary form is not a valid application unless you also name the school as a preference on the local authority's application form.

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