Primary school in-year application types

List of primary schools showing which application form should be used to apply for an in-year place.

Schools A to Z


  • CMA – Centrally managed applications
  • SMA – School managed applications
  • DfE – Department for Education


SchoolBorough DfE No In-year form to be used
All Saints CofE (Aided) Infant Waverley 3407 CMA
Ash Grange Primary Guildford 2940 CMA
Ashford CofE (VA) Primary Spelthorne 3580 CMA
Ashford Park Primary Spelthorne 2937 CMA
Ashley CofE (Aided) Primary Elmbridge 3930 CMA
Audley Primary Tandridge 2435 CMA
Auriol Junior Epsom and Ewell 2090 CMA
Badshot Lea Village Infant Waverley 2415 CMA
Bagshot Infant Surrey Heath 2268 CMA
Banstead Community Junior Reigate and Banstead 2343 CMA
Banstead Infant Reigate and Banstead 2005 CMA
Barnett Wood Infant Mole Valley 2149 CMA
Barnsbury Primary Woking 3942 SMA
Beacon Hill Primary Waverley 2136 CMA
Beauclerc Infant Spelthorne 2912 CMA
Beaufort Primary Woking 2942 SMA
Bell Farm Primary Elmbridge 2430 CMA
Bisley CofE (VA) Primary Surrey Heath 3050 SMA
Bletchingley Village Primary Tandridge 2026 SMA
Boxgrove Primary Guildford 2374 SMA
Bramley CofE (Aided) Infant and Nursery Waverley 3925 SMA
Broadmere Primary Woking 2926 CMA
Brookwood Primary Woking 2036 CMA
Buckland Primary Spelthorne 3941 CMA
Burhill Primary Elmbridge 2427 CMA
Burpham Foundation Primary Guildford 5217 CMA
Burstow Primary Tandridge 5210 CMA
Busbridge CofE (A) Junior Waverley 3350 CMA
Busbridge Infant Waverley 2917 SMA
Bushy Hill Junior Guildford 5220 CMA
Byfleet Primary Woking 2271 CMA
Cardinal Newman Catholic Primary Elmbridge 3919 CMA
Chandler CofE (Aided) Junior, The Waverley 3415 CMA
Chandlers Field Primary Elmbridge 2949 CMA
Charlwood Primary Mole Valley 2056 CMA
Chennestone Primary Spelthorne 2907 CMA
Chilworth CofE (Aided) Infant Guildford 3317 CMA
Christ Church CofE (Aided) Infant Runnymede 3334 CMA
Clandon CofE (Aided) Primary Guildford 3408 CMA
Clarendon Primary Spelthorne 2873 CMA
Claygate Primary Elmbridge 2929 CMA
Cleves Elmbridge 5221 CMA
Cobham Free Elmbridge 2006 SMA
Connaught Junior Surrey Heath 2440 SMA
Cordwalles Junior Surrey Heath 2027 CMA
Cranleigh CofE Primary Waverley 3944 CMA
Cranmere Primary Elmbridge 2960 CMA
Crawley Ridge Infant Surrey Heath 2419 CMA
Crawley Ridge Junior Surrey Heath 2476 CMA
Cross Farm Infant Surrey Heath 2501 CMA
Cuddington Community Primary Epsom and Ewell 2095 CMA
Cuddington Croft Primary Epsom and Ewell 2355 CMA
Danetree Primary Epsom and Ewell 2092 CMA
Darley Dene Primary Runnymede 2044 SMA
Dormansland Primary Tandridge 2156 CMA
Dovers Green Reigate and Banstead 2316 CMA
Earlswood Infant and Nursery Reigate and Banstead 2209 CMA
Earlswood Junior Reigate and Banstead 2453 CMA
Eastwick Infant Mole Valley 2401 CMA
Eastwick Junior Mole Valley 2313 CMA
Echelford Primary, The Spelthorne 2022 SMA
Englefield Green Infant and Nurseries Runnymede 2921 CMA
Epsom Downs Primary and Children's Centre Reigate and Banstead 2951 CMA
Epsom Primary and Nursery Epsom and Ewell 2085 CMA
Esher Church Elmbridge 3337 CMA
Ewell Grove Primary and Nursery Epsom and Ewell 2083 CMA
Ewhurst CofE (Aided) Infant Waverley 3344 CMA
Farncombe CofE Infant Waverley 3026 CMA
Felbridge Primary Tandridge 2124 CMA
Fetcham Village Infant Mole Valley 2150 CMA
Folly Hill Infant Waverley 2408 CMA
Frimley CofE Surrey Heath 3049 CMA
Furzefield Primary and Nursery Reigate and Banstead 2954 CMA
Godalming Junior Waverley 2400 CMA
Godstone Primary and Nursery Tandridge 5218 CMA
Goldsworth Primary Woking 2943 CMA
Grange Community Infant, The Runnymede 2384 CMA
Grayswood CofE (Aided) Primary Waverley 3927 CMA
Great Bookham School Mole Valley 2959 SMA
Greville Primary, The Mole Valley 2297 CMA
Grove Primary, The Surrey Heath 2955 CMA
Grovelands Primary Elmbridge 2428 CMA
Guildford Grove Primary Guildford 2963 CMA
Hale Waverley 2957 CMA
Hammond Junior Surrey Heath 2918 CMA
Hamsey Green Primary Tandridge 2050 CMA
Hatchlands Primary Reigate and Banstead 2040 CMA
Hawkedale Primary Spelthorne 5202 CMA
Heather Ridge Infant Surrey Heath 2329 CMA
Hermitage, The Woking 2341 SMA
Highfield South Farnham Waverley 2033 SMA
Hillcroft Primary Tandridge 2947 SMA
Hinchley Wood Primary Elmbridge 2100 CMA
Holland Junior Tandridge 2454 CMA
Holly Lodge Primary Guildford 2403 CMA
Holmesdale Community Infant Reigate and Banstead 2210 CMA
Holy Family Catholic Primary Runnymede 3441 CMA
Holy Trinity CofE Surrey Heath 3014 CMA
Holy Trinity CofE (A) Junior Guildford 5206 CMA
Horley Infant Reigate and Banstead 2140 CMA
Horsell CofE (Aided) Junior Woking 3416 SMA
Horsell Village, The Woking 2489 CMA
Hurst Green Infant and Nursery Tandridge 2302 CMA
Hurst Park Primary Elmbridge 2385 CMA
Hythe Community Primary, The Runnymede 2928 CMA
Kenyngton Manor Primary Spelthorne 2024 CMA
Kingfield Primary Woking 2933 SMA
Kingswood Primary Reigate and Banstead 2008 CMA
Knaphill Woking 2274 CMA
Knaphill Lower Woking 2406 CMA
Lakeside Primary Surrey Heath 2956 CMA
Laleham CofE Primary Spelthorne 3581 CMA
Langshott Primary Reigate and Banstead 2925 CMA
Leatherhead Trinity School and Nursery Mole Valley 3940 CMA
Lightwater Village Surrey Heath 2269 CMA
Lime Tree Primary Reigate and Banstead 2014 CMA
Limpsfield CofE Infant Tandridge 3370 CMA
Lingfield Primary Tandridge 2948 CMA
Littleton CofE Infant (VA) Spelthorne 3585 CMA
Long Ditton Infant and Nursery Elmbridge 2101 CMA
Long Ditton St Mary's CofE (Aided) Junior Elmbridge 3343 SMA
Lorraine Surrey Heath 2292 CMA
Loseley Fields Primary Waverley 3939 CMA
Lyne and Longcross CofE (Aided) Primary Runnymede 3931 SMA
Manby Lodge Infant Elmbridge 2472 CMA
Manorcroft Primary Runnymede 2079 CMA
Manorfield Primary and Nursery Reigate and Banstead 3937 CMA
Marden Lodge Primary Tandridge 2017 SMA
Marist Catholic Primary, The Woking 3458 CMA
Maybury Primary Woking 2275 CMA
Mead Infant, The Epsom and Ewell 2091 CMA
Meadhurst Primary Spelthorne 2041 CMA
Meadow Primary Epsom and Ewell 3943 CMA
Meadowcroft Community Infant Runnymede 2445 CMA
Meath Green Infant Reigate and Banstead 2493 CMA
Meath Green Junior Reigate and Banstead 2311 CMA
Merrow CofE (Controlled) Infant Guildford 3061 CMA
Merstham Primary Reigate and Banstead 2211 CMA
Milford Waverley 2315 CMA
Moss Lane Waverley 2409 CMA
Mytchett Primary Surrey Heath 2376 CMA
New Haw Community Junior Runnymede 2058 CMA
New Monument Primary Academy Woking 2492 CMA
Newdigate CofE Endowed (Aided) Infant Mole Valley 3375 CMA
North Downs Primary Mole Valley 2072 CMA
Northmead Junior Guildford 5212 SMA
Nutfield CofE Primary Tandridge 3376 CMA
Oakfield Junior Mole Valley 2335 CMA
Oaktree, The Woking 2373 SMA
Oatlands Elmbridge 2257 CMA
Ongar Place Primary Runnymede 2394 CMA
Onslow Infant Guildford 2448 CMA
Orchard, The Elmbridge 2099 CMA
Ottershaw Christ Church Church of England Infant Runnymede 3052 CMA
Ottershaw Christ Church Church of England Junior Runnymede 3012 CMA
Our Lady of the Rosary Roman Catholic Primary Spelthorne 3461 SMA
Park Mead Primary Waverley 5211 CMA
Peaslake Free Guildford 6572 CMA
Pewley Down Infant Guildford 2001 CMA
Pine Ridge Infant and Nursery Surrey Heath 2444 CMA
Pirbright Village Primary Guildford 2391 CMA
Polesden Lacey Infant Mole Valley 2417 CMA
Potters Gate CofE Primary Waverley 3062 SMA
Powell Corderoy Primary Mole Valley 3044 CMA
Prior Heath Infant Surrey Heath 2359 CMA
Puttenham CofE Guildford 3381 CMA
Pyrcroft Grange Primary Runnymede 2019 CMA
Pyrford CofE Primary Woking 3934 SMA
Queen Eleanor's CofE Junior Guildford 3353 CMA
Raleigh, The Guildford 2309 SMA
Ravenscote Junior Surrey Heath 2436 SMA
Reigate Parish Church Primary Reigate and Banstead 3387 CMA
Reigate Priory Reigate and Banstead 2457 CMA
Ripley CofE Primary Guildford 3031 CMA
Riverbridge Primary Spelthorne 2880 SMA
Riverview CofE Primary and Nursery Epsom and Ewell 3065 CMA
Royal Alexandra and Albert Reigate and Banstead 4623 SMA
Royal Kent CofE Primary, The Elmbridge 3022 CMA
Salfords Primary Reigate and Banstead 2034 CMA
Sandcross Primary and Nursery Reigate and Banstead 2931 CMA
Sandfield Primary Guildford 2031 CMA
Sandringham Infant and Nursery Surrey Heath 2913 CMA
Saxon Primary Spelthorne 2932 SMA
Sayes Court Primary Runnymede 2029 CMA
Scott-Broadwood CofE (Aided) Infant Mole Valley 3923 CMA
Send CofE Primary Guildford 5203 SMA
Shalford Infant Guildford 2229 SMA
Shawfield Primary Guildford 2361 CMA
Shawley Community Primary Reigate and Banstead 2288 CMA
Shere Church of England (Aided) Infant Guildford 3928 CMA
Shottermill Infant Waverley 2138 CMA
Shottermill Junior Waverley 2137 CMA
South Camberley Primary and Nursery Surrey Heath 2336 CMA
South Farnham Primary Waverley 2479 SMA
Southfield Park Primary Epsom and Ewell 2964 CMA
Springfield Primary Spelthorne 2028 CMA
St Alban's Catholic Primary Elmbridge 3921 SMA
St Andrew's CofE Infant Waverley 3024 CMA
St Andrew's CofE Primary (Cobham) Elmbridge 3059 CMA
St Anne's Catholic Primary (Banstead) Reigate and Banstead 3469 CMA
St Anne's Catholic Primary (Chertsey) Runnymede 3922 SMA
St Ann's Heath Junior Runnymede 2468 CMA
St Augustine's Catholic Primary Surrey Heath 3933 CMA
St Bartholomew's CofE (Aided) Primary Waverley 3924 CMA
St Charles Borromeo Catholic Primary Elmbridge 3918 SMA
St Clement's Catholic Primary Epsom and Ewell 3470 SMA
St Cuthbert Mayne Catholic Primary Waverley 3475 SMA
St Cuthbert's Catholic Prim Runnymede 3439 SMA
St Dunstan's Catholic Primary Woking 3920 SMA
St Edmund's Catholic Primary Waverley 3462 SMA
St Francis Catholic Primary Tandridge 3421 SMA
St Giles' CofE (Aided) Infant Mole Valley 3369 CMA
St Hugh of Lincoln Catholic Primary Woking 3488 CMA
St Ignatius Catholic Primary Spelthorne 3459 SMA
St James CofE (Aided) Primary (Elstead) Waverley 3335 SMA
St James CofE Primary (Weybridge) Elmbridge 3064 CMA
St John's CofE (Aided) Infant (Churt) Waverley 3347 CMA
St John's CofE Primary (Dorking) Mole Valley 2016 CMA
St John's CofE (Aided) Primary (Caterham) Tandridge 3313 CMA
St John's Primary (Knaphill) Woking 2023 CMA
St John's Primary (Redhill) Reigate and Banstead 2214 CMA
St Joseph's Catholic Primary (Guildford) Guildford 3932 CMA
St Joseph's Catholic Primary (Dorking) Mole Valley 3422 CMA
St Joseph's Catholic Primary (Epsom) Epsom and Ewell 3423 SMA
St Joseph's Catholic Primary (Redhill) Reigate and Banstead 3916 SMA
St Jude's CofE InfantRunnymede2057CMA
St Jude's CofE Junior Runnymede 3331 CMA
St Lawrence CofE (A) Junior (E Molesey) Elmbridge 3341 CMA
St Lawrence CofE (Aided) Primary (Chobham) Surrey Heath 3318 CMA
St Lawrence Primary (Effingham) Guildford 2032 SMA
St Mark and All Saints CofE Primary Waverley 2043 SMA
St Martin's CofE (Aided) Infant (Epsom) Epsom and Ewell 3055 SMA
St Martin's CofE (Aided) Junior (Epsom) Epsom and Ewell 3019 SMA
St Martin's CofE (Controlled) Primary (Dorking) Mole Valley 3016 CMA
St Mary's CofE (Aided) Infant (Frensham) Waverley 3346 SMA
St Mary's CofE (VC) Infant, (Godalming) Guildford 3035 CMA
St Mary's CofE Primary (Chiddingfold) Waverley 2020 SMA
St Mary's CofE (Controlled) Primary (Byfleet) Woking 3042 CMA
St Mary's CofE Primary (Oxted) Tandridge 3380 CMA
St Matthew's CofE (A) Infant (Cobham) Elmbridge 3340 CMA
St Matthew's CofE Primary (Redhill) Reigate and Banstead 2039 SMA
St Michael's Catholic Primary Spelthorne 3915 SMA
St Michael's CofE (Aided) Infant Mole Valley 3324 CMA
St Nicholas CofE Primary (Shepperton) Spelthorne 3583 CMA
St Nicolas CofE (Aided) Infant (Guildford) Guildford 3357 CMA
St Paul's C Of E Infant and Children's Centre Guildford 3033 CMA
St Paul's Catholic Primary (Thames Ditton) Elmbridge 3446 CMA
St Paul's CofE (Aided) Primary (Dorking) Mole Valley 3327 CMA
St Paul's CofE Primary (Addlestone) Runnymede 2021 SMA
St Peter and St Paul CofE Infant Tandridge 3314 CMA
St Peter's CofE Infant (Oxted) Tandridge 3405 CMA
St Peter's Catholic Primary (Leatherhead) Mole Valley 3443 SMA
St Peter's CofE Primary (Wrecclesham) Waverley 3345 SMA
St Polycarp's Catholic Primary Waverley 3424 SMA
St Stephen's CofE Primary Tandridge 3351 CMA
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary Guildford 5209 SMA
Stamford Green Primary Epsom and Ewell 2446 CMA
Stanwell Fields CofE Primary Spelthorne 3936 CMA
Stepgates Community Runnymede 2946 CMA
Stoughton Infant Guildford 2133 CMA
Surrey Hills All Saints Church of England Primary Mole Valley 5222 CMA
Sythwood Primary Woking 2496 CMA
Tadworth Primary Reigate and Banstead 5214 CMA
Tatsfield Primary Tandridge 2253 SMA
Thames Ditton Infant Elmbridge 2103 CMA
Thames Ditton Junior Elmbridge 2102 CMA
Thorpe CofE (Aided) Primary Runnymede 3333 CMA
Thorpe Lea Primary Runnymede 2467 CMA
Tillingbourne Junior Guildford 2484 CMA
Town Farm Primary Spelthorne 2950 CMA
Trinity Oaks CofE Primary and Nursery Reigate and Banstead 2030 CMA
Trumps Green Infant Runnymede 2078 CMA
Vale Primary, The Epsom and Ewell 2961 CMA
Valley End Church of England Infant Surrey Heath 3015 CMA
Wallace Fields Infant Epsom and Ewell 2381 SMA
Wallace Fields Junior Epsom and Ewell 5216 CMA
Walsh CofE Junior Guildford 3054 CMA
Walsh Memorial CofE (Controlled) Infant Guildford 3002 CMA
Walton Oak Elmbridge 3935 SMA
Walton on the Hill Primary Reigate and Banstead 2012 CMA
Warlingham Village Primary Tandridge 2018 SMA
Warren Mead Infant Reigate and Banstead 2362 CMA
Warren Mead Junior Reigate and Banstead 2010 CMA
Waverley Abbey CofE Junior Waverley 3587 SMA
Weald CofE Voluntary Aided Primary, The Mole Valley 2035 CMA
West Ashtead Primary Mole Valley 2350 CMA
West Byfleet Infant Woking 2279 CMA
West Byfleet Junior Woking 2491 CMA
West Ewell Primary and Nursery Epsom and Ewell 2093 CMA
Westfield Primary Woking 2941 CMA
Westvale Park Primary Academy and Nursery School Reigate and Banstead 2052 SMA
Weyfield Primary Academy Guildford 2011 CMA
Whyteleafe Tandridge 5215 SMA
William Cobbett Primary Waverley 2478 CMA
Windlesham Village Infant Surrey Heath 2267 CMA
Witley CofE (Controlled) Infant Waverley 3060 CMA
Wonersh and Shamley Green CofE (Aided) Primary Waverley 3417 CMA
Wood Street Infant Guildford 2286 CMA
Woodlea Primary Tandridge 5219 CMA
Woodmansterne Primary Reigate and Banstead 2013 CMA
Worplesdon Primary Guildford 2349 CMA
Wray Common Primary Reigate and Banstead 2953 CMA
Wyke Primary Guildford 2004 CMA
Yattendon Reigate and Banstead 5207 CMA