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Tutor Profile - Valda Hudson

Valda Hudson is part of the Surrey Adult Learning community at the Camberley Centre. Over the years, her involvement has developed from attending courses as a learner to progressing to be a tutor and respected local historian.

Valda is a cheerful and knowledgeable lady who is a familiar face and an integral part of the Surrey Adult Learning landscape. She arrived thirty years ago from Australia and settled in the community in Camberley. A friend recommended a local exercise class as a way of meeting people; it was a lively, friendly group and she found herself on a journey of discovery in to the world of Adult Learning. The tutor informed Valda that she was moving away and suggested that Valda would make a valuable contribution to SAL by undertaking the training to take on the tutor role. Valda successfully completed the Diploma at the Camberley Leisure Centre. This was complemented by achieving a further Diploma in Adult Teaching. Valda confidently embraced the challenge of teaching a SAL class and found herself back in employment after being a busy mum.

Valda is also a trained and well informed family historian. After completing training on a course with the Society of Genealogists this lead to her teaching at the Camberley Centre. Her fascination with family history is very popular and with helpful guidance from a Family History course, Valda has the skills to assist people who want to trace their own family tree. People who are interested to reconnect not only with the past but also with the thriving family history community.

As well as teaching family history and exercise, Valda is equally a member of the West Surrey Family History Society as Coordinator for the Camberley branch. The Society meet regularly and produce a quarterly newsletter that is packed with interesting information. The society is dynamic and the team of experts are proud to bring the past into the future.

The West Surrey Family History Society website.