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Pottery - builder downsizes

End of Year Exhibitor, Alan Danieli

Alan was a builder for over 55 years, working in all sectors of the industry in his career. The inspiration for his work comes from a love of the countryside and a successful career in the building trade. He took up pottery following his daughter’s suggestion.

Initially, he attended the Robert May School in Odiham for three years and then moved across to Surrey Adult Learning to pick up the pottery basic skills he had learned after a ten year gap. Alan has attended the Farnham Centre’s Pottery and clay work courses for over two and a half years. He shared that the courses provided him with a feeling of pure and total relaxation, “a pocket of peace” and sense of accomplishment. “I manufacture objects of my own design with my own two hands.”

A typical piece of pottery takes about four weeks to create and involves bisque firing in the kiln at 1200 degrees. Alan has produced several ceramic, glazed buildings; some with thatched cottages and even a replica of the honeymoon cottage he stayed in, Nanner’s Cottage, in Norfolk.

The Farnham Adult Learning Centre offers Learners a new studio with a new kiln. Alan described his Tutor, Jeanne Stiff, as doing a “first class job.”

Alan so enjoys his Pottery classes that he has decided to enrol for mornings and afternoons on Tuesdays at the Farnham Centre. Alan does not sell his work, being more inclined to gift pieces to family, friends or a passing admirer, such as a fellow Surrey Adult Learning supported learner, who so loved one of his pieces, he gave it to her, exclaiming, “anyone would have thought that I had given her the crown jewels!”.