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Learners' stories

Never too late to learn - adult learning for everyone

Dr David Marjot, born in 1928, is a keen Learner and the validation of the importance of learning in the adult learning sector.

Pottery learner discovers hidden talent

Jackie first came to Surrey Adult Learning about 8 years ago when she joined my Supported Learning (MH) pottery class.

Maths really matters

Learner Peter Murphy worked as a labourer in the past and with life's twists and turns, he fell on hard times.

You reap what you sow - gardening course for supported learners

Tutor Sue Hadingham uses a range of techniques to teach our Supported Learners about gardening in a fun and instructive manner.

From volunteer to teacher

Ally is from Cologne in Germany. She married an Englishman and the couple settled in Surrey.

Surrey Adult Learning artist goes to auction

Surrey Adult Learning (SAL) boasts a community of talented arts and crafts Learners who are supported by our experienced Tutors.

Surrey Adult Learning's bake-off

Surrey Adult Learning offers a wide range of cookery courses where Learners beginning to cook from scratch can gain the confidence to cook and bake. More experienced chefs wishing to polish off a particular skill can come along to experience and play with new techniques. The courses are run by qualified Tutors, many who cook to a professional standard.

Using Greek outside the classroom

Learner Graham Collins is a true Hellenophile.

Reaping the rewards of lifelong learning

Katy Rabey left school with no GCSE’s and thought school just wasn’t for her, thinking “I’m not very academic”. Katy got a place at Guildford College, more by luck than chance and got a qualification to become a Nursery Nurse. She did this and Nannying for employment until she had a family of her own. Three children later and the last starting school left Katy with a void to fill. She picked up a leaflet from Surrey Adult Learning’s (SAL’s) Family Learning team offering a short course to help parents with growing children called “Keeping Up with the Children” held at the Camberley Centre.

A book of international recipes written in French

Traditionally, people hate Monday mornings. I look forward to them. That is when I go to a French class at Esher Green Adult Learning Centre. Learning French is not easy. Lots of irregular verbs and it seems that thousands of objects were thrown into the air and, as each one fell, it was given a name and allocated a gender at random. Then there are hundreds of corresponding male and female adjectives. Not to mention a mediaeval method of counting.

From Family Learning to the Parent Teacher Associate (PTA)

The past one and a half years have brought a lot of change to Alessandra Pereira Kawaguchi and her family’s life.

Resilience: Stories of Adult Learning

Resilience: Stories of Adult Learning is a free learner voice multimedia publication, available to access and download in multi-platform e-book, pdf and web versions. It is also available across e-book platforms such as Amazon Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.