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Maths Learners and Tutors share their experiences

Surrey Adult Learning is proud to champion accredited courses in Maths, encouraging local residents to return to learning, either to pick up a new skill or achieve that qualification they missed at school.

Both Maths and English are core base subjects that are fundamental to growing a strong and well equipped workforce for Surrey. This view was resonated by Councillor Linda Kemeny, the Cabinet Member for Schools, Skills and Educational Achievement at the GCSE Awards Ceremony in November 2015.

A Tutor's experiences

One of our Tutors, Nicky McLean, shared her experience of teaching and highlighted the progression of two of her Learners, who have both made a significant investment to learning and remarkable progression since attending her Maths courses.

These two Learners are particularly noted as they decided to give something back to the learning community in return for the teaching they received, in the roles of mentoring others and encouraging Learners to reach their potential.

A Learner's experiences

Learner Sue Abbot searched for a Maths course on-line and completed Maths GCSE with Surrey Adult Learning at the Camberley Centre during the 2013-14 academic year, successfully achieving a Grade C and has volunteered as a classroom assistant since then.

Tutor Nicky recalled Sue’s strengths at grasping new concepts with ease and her ability to share knowledge and help others.

Upon reflection of her learning journey, this is how Sue described her Maths experience:

“Our year was a lovely friendly group. When I first started the class I sat next to a girl called Becky and we became great friends and are still friends today! Becky was pregnant and had her baby mid course. She missed a couple of lessons and sometimes found it a bit difficult to focus on her maths so I'd help her in class and we also met up outside of class to help and encourage each other."

"I realised how satisfying it was to help someone through their course and this is why I decided, when Nicky asked if anyone was willing to help her in class as a volunteer that I would. Also the fact that I didn't have to pay for my course meant that this was my way of giving something back. I really enjoy helping out and seeing the Learners progress and gain confidence in their studies and in themselves. This year I have teamed up with someone that took the course last year and we are self teaching ourselves Higher Maths and we are taking our exams this summer.”

Sue is currently working full-time as an Examination Officer in Frimley.

Another Learner, Ally Manole completed her GCSE Maths qualification at the Woking Centre before returning as a volunteer a year later.

Without the skill of our qualified Tutors and the help of motivated and enthusiastic volunteers Surrey Adult Learning would not be able to deliver such a great classroom experience.