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GCSE Award Ceremony 2016 - It's a family affair!

Spring07-GCSEAwards-4Learner Sally Doughty was among the Learners who successfully passed GCSE English during the academic year 2015-16.

Sally was as proud as punch to be holding her GCSE certificate and spoke about this piece of paper being, “the passport to my future.”

Sally is a bubbly, friendly lady, a mum of two children and currently a Pre-School Manager, seeking to progress in her career, with the final goal of becoming a qualified Teacher.

Sally has a positive “can do” attitude and commended her Tutor for creating a great classroom atmosphere, saying, “she is inspirational, we laughed, Sue was always approachable if we got stuck and patient in times of need and I’m going to tell everyone about Surrey Adult Learning, it’s never to late to return to learning.”

She expressed the importance of setting a good example for our children.

Curiously, as the conversation developed, we realised that the celebration had become more of a family affair as Sally’s relations were also celebrating their own GCSE achievements at the event!

Sister-in-law, Caroline Brown, is a Teaching Assistant and achieved GCSE Maths under the guidance of SAL Tutor, Nicky McLean.

Caroline said “I just couldn’t be bothered at school, which is crazy, because I love Maths. The course was intense, you have to keep up with the homework, but there’s great peer support.” She continued by describing how she felt more self assured today, “there’s nothing stopping me!”