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Family Learning helps Rosaria become a Teaching Assistant

Learner Rosaria Barone attended a Keeping Up with the Children Language with IT course at the New Monument Primary Academy in Woking last year.

She was an outstanding Learner there who was very motivated and keen to improve her skills and to support her children as much as possible.

While doing the course she started to help out at the school as a volunteer. As she enjoyed working with children very much, she said she’d be interested in working in education. Cheryl Brown, Curriculum Manager for Family Learning, suggested she should enrol on a Level 2 Helping in Schools course run by WEA but there was not going to be one in the near future.

Cheryl thought Rosaria could look into online courses and in the end she enrolled on a Level 3 Teaching Assistant course. She gained her qualification in late 2015 and when a job came up at the New Monument School, she applied for it.

She’s been working as a full-time TA there since last December.

With a can do attitude and encouragement the result is simply great!