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Belly dancing party and performance

Belly DanceLearner Katie Puncher shares her learning experience with us.

"Having started belly dancing only a year ago, I was very nervous about performing at a Hafla (a belly dance get together) for the first time. Our tutor, Bea Curtis, however was very encouraging and reassuring. She proved to be right, the audience was very supportive indeed. We had practiced our piece 'Hena hena' throughout the spring and honed it to the best of our abilities during the month prior to our performance. Many of the other performers were professional dancers. There was also another student group and a few individual performers giving beautiful and inspiring performances.

"I love my belly dance class, our group is so friendly and welcoming. Some of the learners have danced for several years and are miles ahead in skills, but we all learn from each other as well as from our tutor, and it is great fun!"

Surrey Adult Learning offers a range of dance and exercise classes in our centres across Surrey. Why not come along, get active and have some fun! To find out more visit our Dance and Exercise page.