You reap what you sow - gardening course for supported learners

Tutor Sue Hadingham uses a range of techniques to teach our Supported Learners about gardening in a fun and instructive manner. The Learners have been growing their own plants from seeds, tubers and bulbs, with the personal satisfaction of planting them and seeing them grow, such as sunflowers and dahlias. The garden topic this season was tuber plants – from the discovery of the potato to flowers. The plants have been growing from seed, several under the shelter of the grow house, that the Learners have been working together as one team to repair.

There was a real happy, team spirit as the group have reaped the rewards of their efforts; watching the plants grow; from sweet potatoes to other tuber plants.

Sue is a very experienced Tutor, who ensures that numeracy and literacy skills are embedded in her lessons. Whenever possible teaching is extended to encourage knowledge and facts. The group benefitted from a history lesson on this course, learning about the potato and its origins, including Sir Walter Raleigh introducing the potato to Europe. This particular part of the course is classroom based, with the remainder of the time being outside, with Sue and her Supported Learning Assistant Regine.

Our Supported Learners were responsive and excited to learn new skills and work safely with gardening equipment and tools. All this, together with encouragement from Sue and Regine, has resulted in a great learning experience for our Supported Learners, who are very comfortable and happy at the Camberley Centre.

The garden group would welcome any contributions of plastic pots, wooden canes or containers to help with their planting and gardening skills.

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