Passport to German language – learner progresses with German

Learner Ann Caton has really enjoyed learning German at the Guildford Centre and has made pleasing progress.

She told us: "I have met some nice people in the course of my studying German in Guildford. I think also it's good to keep my brain engaged in learning something new - they always say that is good for mental health, don't they?"

"I have watched German TV programmes online with subtitles (not understanding that much at this stage, but getting the feel of the sounds). I take more of an interest in German politics than previously, and am even more against us leaving the EU than I would have been before!"

"My classes have given me more confidence when I've been in Berlin to have a go at speaking German, and also I can use a phrase book with better pronunciation. I'm corresponding in German now (with the support of an online dictionary) with a German friend, whereas before we wrote in English. All these are positive points about learning another language, I think."

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  • Updated: 31 May 2020