Family Learning attendants feedback on their experiences

Below is some feedback from the parents about the impact that attending a Family Learning course has had on them, as the Learner and their children.

St Matthews Primary School, KUC English Language Joint Course February 2016

My daughter DK is in reception, Hedgehogs. “She is really looking forward every Friday for Family Learning course.” She really enjoys stories, colouring and art works. She also likes to mingle with other children”.

“Before I could start my course I haven’t got any idea about how educational system works in UK.” My children started school in March 2015. I used to worry so many times what I have to do with them. How I am going to help them with their studies?

The Family Learning courses really helped me a lot. For example, borrowing books from library. “I am now more confident in teaching my children. I also understand what my children are talking about”, for example, Maths and English language. I also know that there are so many free websites available for children to improve their English and Maths skills.

“I also learned more about bullying, where to report and seek help.” I learned school websites and what to look for. My daughter learned phonics which was really helpful. There are lots of ways myself and my daughter learned. We would like to thank M (Tutor) and Mrs W (Teacher) and whoever organised this programme. It is really awesome course. I would really recommend this course for my friends who are struggling with UK educational system.”

C.J. St Matthews School, Redhill

“My son love this course. He is in 3P, he likes to make story. I love to do this course. We really like this course. E is very confident. E and me we learn more and Mrs W (Teacher) and M (Tutor) they are very nice and friends.”

A.S. St Matthews School, Redhill

My child’s name is M. She is in Year 1. ”Since the course started I’ve noticed that M is more confident than before. She enjoy to do her homework a lot more than before this classes”

She likes to draw pictures of her new friends who she meet at this course. She tells me she is very happy at this classes and she cannot wait until next week.

I think I am also more confident about myself than before. I enjoy time spent here.

One day I felt very poorly, I had high temperature but when I asked M. what she thinks about skipping one week of the “club” as she call it, she wasn’t happy at all. In the end I decided to come and we had lovely time.

I am really happy I joined the course because I can see benefits for both me and my daughter. And my 15 months daughter loves to be in the crèche.”

I.R. St Matthews School Redhill

My name is P.P. mother of M.P. Year 1. We both enjoys Family Learning course very much. M is so much exited even from Thursday. She says “tomorrow it’s Family Learning” and she just loves it. She loves stories and her stories are being told with different types like pictures, singing songs etc. The classes are so lively. M. enjoys every bit of it. I can see M. being more confident after that. “They will give so much support for all the activities.”

What I felt about mine is after joining this course got to know the education systems here in UK. I got to know so many websites which are very useful for the kids.

“I feel so good when we both work together.” M will be so happy when I come into the room. I enjoyed each and every class. There is so much of learning. M (Tutor) is so co-operative and so patient. She answers all our questions. M and me, we never wanted to miss any classes. Though we are poorly we will make it some how for sure. We are really feeling very sad because the course is finishing so soon. M (Tutor) used to give so many worksheets and maths sheets. Those are all really education systems for lifetime.

Thank you all so much.

P.P. St Matthew’s School Redhill

J enjoys Family Learning very much. She likes talking with children from different classes. Now she is better at doing homework. She is happy to be here.

“Before the course I was very shy but now I am a little better.” I love to be here and I’d like the course to continue.

J she talking English more. “I understand what other people say in English.”

P.G. St Matthew’s School Redhill