Entrepreneurship on our 'Run Your Own Business' courses

Tutor Debbie Davidson has been inspiring budding business leaders to set up their own enterprises on Surrey Adult Learning (SAL)'s Run Your Own Business courses in Woking. Outcomes have been amazing and Debbie is proud to share the success of her students as they progressed from her starter courses to setting up their own businesses enterprises. Some learners have moved on to set up niche business that are exciting and promise to become very successful. The range and backgrounds of her learners are diverse and the learners really benefitted from a fuel injection of inspiration - benchmarking their concepts against successful profiles such as Lord Sugar and household name Jamie Oliver.

One learner told us:

"I am a Consultant Cardiologist and I attended Debbie's Business course last year. In my eighteen years in the NHS, my patients have been getting younger and sicker and I truly believe that it's our busy, modern, sleep-deprived lifestyles that are to blame. It is for that reason that I have become passionate about using lifestyle measures to prevent and reverse heart disease and am setting up a business called Lifestyle Cardiology to focus on these issues. Debbie's course was truly fantastic. As a medic, I have very little business experience, but the course equipped me with all the basic tools that I need on which I can now build. Not only that – it also introduced me to a network of like-minded people from all walks of life who are embarking on creating businesses of their own and can offer help, support, and advice. Since attending the course I have fully developed my 'elevator pitch' and I have been using this to gain exposure and drum up interest: I have recently been on a health and wellbeing podcast and will be on another one later this year, and I am speaking at a mindfulness and sleep conference in March 2019."

"I am developing a documentary focusing on how lifestyle measures can prevent and reverse heart disease and hope to release this by the end of 2019. The course gave me the confidence to believe in my idea, the basics of how to take it forward into a business, and introduced me to a wonderful group of people who have been incredibly helpful. I am really excited about what the future holds! If you are thinking of registering for a course, then my advice is: just go for it!"

Another learner, Zarrin, said:

"If you have only the inkling of an idea that you want to start a business, I can recommend you go to Debbie Davidson's business course. I was in just that situation, wanting to know more about the business world but not having any idea for a business. And now I am working towards setting up my own business, writing my first book about age-related macular degeneration, the most common cause of blindness in the developed world."

"Since finishing the course in November 2018, I found a book-writing mentor in Richard McMunn, who is an award-winning author himself and has helped many aspiring authors to write and publish books. I had a two-hour consultation with him, where we decided on the title of the book and considered some ideas for the front cover, and looked at the content that I will be writing. My book is due to be published in Autumn 2019 and will be available to purchase from Amazon."

Finally, Derya Akar GIZLI - Director of WIND Engineering and Consultancy Ltd. - reported:

"The course itself does not only provide theoretical information such as bookkeeping or managing your finance, which it does indeed, but it also shows you practical ways and tips to expand your business. The course made me realise the power of social media, for instance and I started promoting my business through several social media platforms. Since then, I have been offered a bunch of consultancy contracts, three of which I was able to finalize already in Amman in Jordan, Bergen Op Zoom in The Netherlands and Madrid. This is a course that new businesses and early start-ups can take something from and I highly recommend it."

  • Updated: 31 May 2020