Latest coronavirus update from Adult Learning

Our Adult Learning centres are COVID-19 secure

We are pleased to welcome more of you back to our seven Adult Learning centres and looking forward to delivering more courses face-to-face again and to continue to offer a wide range of online courses that you can access from home.

Subject to government guidelines, face-to-face courses will run from our centres. If government guidelines require us to close our centres at any stage, we will make every effort to switch courses to online learning and advise as soon as we can.

At Surrey Adult Learning, we are firmly committed to running a high-quality service, putting the safety and welfare of our learners and staff as our top priority. We have carefully followed government advice and have risk assessed all areas of our service to allow us to open in a controlled and responsible way. A number of measures have been implemented to allow us to provide safe and enjoyable visits for everyone.

Please take a moment to read the following important information before you visit.

Enrolments, do I need to enrol before the course starts?

Yes. Enrolments can be made online or by calling our Customer Service Team on 0300 200 1044 up to three working days before the course start date. We're also offering face-to-face enrolments at our seven centres.

Payments, can I pay using cash or cheque?

To protect our centre teams, we are trying to avoid handling cash or cheques. Please enrol and pay by credit or debit card either via the online enrolment process or by calling our Customer Service Team on 0300 200 1044 or in person at one of our seven centres.

Hygiene, what measures are in place?

Hand sanitiser stations have been positioned at key areas throughout the centre.

Shared equipment, what's happening about learning resources and specialist equipment?

Please reduce the amount of contact you have with any shared equipment, whether this is learning resources or specialist equipment. We ask for your cooperation in making sure that your workstation and all shared equipment is wiped down before and after use. Disinfectant wipes will be available in each classroom so you can clean shared equipment before and after use and please dispose of these in the lidded bins provided.

Face Coverings: Do I need to wear one and will staff be wearing one?

In accordance with the latest government guidelines, face coverings are no longer advised. The government suggests that you continue to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces where you may come into contact with other people you do not normally meet. Some people may continue to wear a face covering and the following information is for those that choose to. Please visit our face coverings in adult learning centres for additional guidance.

Asymptomatic testing – Do I need to test myself regularly at home?

Learners, staff and volunteers will no longer be expected to continue taking part in regular asymptomatic testing and should follow asymptomatic testing advice for the general population.

Those attending courses for adults with learning disabilities (LD) are currently advised to continue twice weekly testing. The information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) asymptomatic home testing for Adult Learning centres page is for learners, staff and volunteers attending Supported Learning (SL) courses with SAL.

Lost property, what if I forget something?

We will not be able to keep any lost property and will have to dispose of anything left behind. To assist us in keeping classrooms clean and clutter-free, please only bring what you need for the class and check your work area before you leave.

PPE, will you provide everyone with this?

In the majority of instances, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will only be provided for courses where it was provided previously. For example, our Pottery, Sculpture, Stained Glass and Glass Fusing courses use some techniques that require a specialist face mask.

In these circumstances, you will be provided with one Face Fit Protection (FFP3) mask at the beginning of the course and you are expected to take this home and bring it back for all subsequent classes. To ensure you mask doesn't get contaminated, please store it in a resealable plastic bag, when it's not in use. Should you forget your mask, a replacement can be purchased from reception. In addition, disposable gloves will be provided for Pottery and Sculpture courses.

Cafés, will these be open?

At centres with a café, customers are encouraged to pay by contactless payment, including when using our vending machines. Cash payments can be accepted, however must be exact money. Drinking water will still be available from our water machines, however we request that you bring your own water bottle when attending. Please note, eating and drinking is not permitted in all classrooms due to specialist equipment and materials, so please check with your tutor.

Emergency evacuation, what should you do in the event of an emergency?

Should the fire alarm sound, please follow the normal evacuation procedure and leave via the nearest available exit. Your tutor will lead you to the muster point. Please note, we are required to undertake one emergency evacuation drill per term.

First aid, what happens if I require help?

Please let your tutor know and contact the centre team should you require first aid support. The First Aider will give directional support, unless there is a risk to life. All of our First Aiders have the latest information and guidance around providing first aid during coronavirus (COVID-19).

Feeling unwell, what do I do?

Do not attend the centre if:

  • You have Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or have received a positive Coronavirus (COVID-19) test result. Try to stay at home and self-isolate. Follow the government guidance, people with symptoms of a respiratory infection including COVID-19.
  • Aim to complete your full isolation period. Your isolation period starts immediately from when your symptoms started, or, if you do not have any symptoms, from when your test was taken. Your isolation period includes the day your symptoms started (or the day your test was taken if you do not have symptoms), and the next 5 full days.
  • At the end of this period, if you have a high temperature or feel unwell, try to follow this advice until you feel well enough to resume normal activities and you no longer have a high temperature if you had one.
  • Although many people will no longer be infectious to others after 5 days, some people may be infectious to other people for up to 10 days from the start of their infection.
  • If you leave your home during the 5 days after your positive test result the following steps will reduce the chance of passing on Coronavirus (COVID-19) to others:
    • Wear a well-fitting face covering made with multiple layers or a surgical face mask.
    • Avoid crowded places such as public transport, large social gatherings, or anywhere that is enclosed or poorly ventilated.
    • Take any exercise outdoors in places where you will not have close contact with other people.
    • Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze; wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser after coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose and before you eat or handle food; avoid touching your face.

If you become unwell after attending any of our centres, contact us immediately to let us know by emailing and include 'COVID-19 ABSENCE' in the subject field. Alternatively, call our Customer Service Team (CST) on 0300 200 1044.

Course interruption, what happens if changes in government advice mean that face-to-face classes cannot continue?

If government advice means face-to-face classes cannot continue, classes will be moved to online provision, where possible. If a partial lockdown occurred and resulted in one or more centres being closed, where appropriate, classes would be moved to online delivery or relocated to a centre with capacity. Where this is the case, no refunds will be provided. If classes cannot continue online or from an alternative centre, refunds will be made for the missed session(s).

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