Supported Learner nominated for the Festival of Learning 2019 awards

Rosemary Ellis has received both internal recognition and now an external nomination to the Festival of Learning 2019 which is so pleasing to see! Rose has showed great courage and perseverance during her life and she has faced extraordinarily hard challenges. Her brave nature and resilience coupled with support and understanding from the team at Surrey Adult Learning (SAL) have contributed to the successful Supported Learner that we celebrate today.

Rose had a difficult childhood, with a speech impediment and fits. She attended a special school called Gosdon House. She said "At the age of 15 I moved to Manor Hospital where I stayed for about 5 years."

Rose moved to Milton Keynes to be with her mother; she went on to get married and had a son called Scott. With great sadness, Rose lost her son in a road accident.

In 2010 Rose moved back to Surrey with her mother. With the support of her brother, she is now the main carer for her mother.

With support from her sister-in-law, Rose decided to attend SAL courses in order to get out of the house, learn new skills, and to socialise. The progress was great and Rose started to cook using healthy recipes to produce meals. She can identify eat-by dates and recognises food hygiene regulations. She completed Cookery and Computing classes gaining Entry 3 level in Cookery as well as computing.

Despite her own struggles Rose still cares for her mother, who has had hip replacements and has dementia.

SAL Supported Learning team, including Lisa Woodward, Chrissie Walsh and Alison Caraccio along with Renee, Rose's experienced Supported Learning Tutor, were in favour of nominating Rose in order to recognise her outstanding achievements and progression in the Festival of Learning 2019.

Tutor Renee said "Rosemary Ellis is a lady with learning difficulties. She came into my cooking class and knew a little bit of cooking. Over the last six years she has become an independent cook; she cooks meals at home for her mum; and sometimes for a family party she makes quiches and cakes. Her improvement from insecure to confident is amazing. It has been a lovely journey doing this with Rose."

  • Updated: 31 May 2020