Patchwork success

Learner Hannah attends courses with Surrey Adult Learning on the Passport to Well Being programme. As a Learner on the Textile Craft course Hannah produced an extraordinary patchwork blanket with intricate detail, under the guidance of Tutor Lindsey Southworth and with the invaluable mentoring of Supported Learner Assistant Denize Aboe, who has motivated the class to reach their goals over the past four years.

Hannah spent many hours creating her patchwork which was proudly presented at the Learner Summer Exhibition. The stunning piece of work is a real “show stopper” and gave Hannah the opportunity to express her feelings and demonstrate her talent.

The initial designs were drawn up on a piece of blank paper and Hannah chose to create a series of owls in different postures.

She said “everyone loves owls, they have a lot of character. A lot of thought went into my work and I did not want to upset anyone with OCD or other mental health challenges, so I paid great attention to detail. There were times when I wanted to throw it in the bin, the writing part was tricky, but Denize helped me.”

The inspirational quote in the centre of the patchwork was taken from a book and is addressed to a special friend of Hannah’s, as the patchwork was created for her:

“She just ignored the people who said it couldn’t be done.”

Hannah’s friend is in a wheelchair and motivates her because, despite her life challenges, she sets an example to others, she goes rowing and she won’t give up.

We talked about future aspirations for Hannah, who would like to continue her courses with Surrey Adult Learning, where she feels a sense of belonging and peace. Her goal is to “get better”.

Surrey Adult Learning is extremely proud to promote inclusive learning opportunities to all of our adult Learners and we are particularly proud of Hannah, who was awarded a Highly Commended Certificate of Achievement for her work.