Maths really matters

Learner Peter Murphy worked as a labourer in the past and with life's twists and turns, he fell on hard times.

Finding himself homeless was incredibly hard and frightening. Luckily for Peter the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) helped him to find immediate shelter at York Road in Guildford which was a relief. Peter moved into Vaughan House, in Guildford where he lived for more than a year. Today he is sharing a house.

Surrey Adult Learning's (SALs) Outreach Team work in close partnership with Vaughan House, promoting courses that are useful and help people get back in the swing of life in a positive way.

During his time at Vaughan House, Peter reached out for help and went on a Cookery course that gave him some new skills for life. Peter noticed a form on the notice board offering basic Maths courses in February 2017 and he decided to give it a go. He shared that some people really struggle with basic numeracy. He said “I was never any good at maths at school.” He enjoyed the course and found the tutor, Tanya Scrivener, really supportive.

At the end of the course Peter thought "I can crack this!", so he took a leap and signed up for the Pre-GCSE course at the Guildford Adult Learning Centre in April 2017, with the same tutor, Tanya. He attended the course with another resident of the Vaughan House shelter. Peter is doing really well, learning new concepts and more complex maths challenges. Peter is set homework and he completes this online using the local Library’s facilities.

He said, "I want to get out of the rut, get up and make something of myself and I wish I had done this before."

Peter said he would highly recommend SAL courses to anyone, he feels he has become a lot more confident and happy.

SAL is proud to support our Learners achieve their goals and we are committed to supporting Learners with additional needs so that everyone can enjoy a happy and fulfilled life and gain improved self-confidence and self-esteem.