Maths and Mosaics Numeracy and creative art blended together bringing fantastic progression for learner

The Farnham art studio was buzzing with a cheerful, positive vibe as tutor Denise Jaques lead the Maths and Mosaics course to SAL supported learners. A real gem of a class and the opportunity to work with a highly skilled SAL tutor who is an inspirational artist, with tons of experience, talent and the ability to inspire learners to be empowered to create their own mosaic designs. Denise incorporates many devices and strategies in her lessons to stimulate learners, including, decision making, numeracy skills, team work, sharing and precision to detail. The supported learners benefit from fantastic facilities in the Farnham Centre art studio. Denise has a relaxed but purposeful approach to teaching the learners and the concentration levels were high as Callum and the other supported learners focused on their individual pieces of work to the gentle melodies from the radio.

Callum joined SAL courses following learning at Ridgeway as a link student and courses at Farnborough College. He has experimented with different techniques and enjoys coming to SAL courses. Callum has really benefitted from attending the Maths and Mosaic course and tutor Denise has noticed his increased self-confidence and ability. Callum was very chatty and was happy to share his knowledge about mosaics and how much he enjoys attending SAL courses.

Callum was articulate and finds personal satisfaction and joy from creating mosaic designs. Callum is a fan of Formula 1 car racing and his projects reflects this theme. He is also a long term fan of Michael Schumacher. More recent work has included the creation of a star mosaic.

It was uplifting to attend the Maths and Mosaics supported learning course and see the learners achieving success in their individual projects. Callum is confident that he will gain an Award from this course and this is one of the factors driving him to work diligently on his current project.

The Maths and Mosaic course is designed to build confidence using maths by applying it to relevant, realistic situations, and using it to solve problems through individual or group mosaic projects. During the course there is the opportunity to work towards a national qualification designed to recognise progress towards independence, support learners develop the knowledge they need to overcome barriers due to learning difficulties or disabilities.

  • Updated: 31 May 2020