Learner Publishes First Book

Liam is the cheerful, friendly postman who delivers our mail. We chat to him and wave if we see him in our street. Little do we know that Liam Mulvin has secret talents.

As a young boy, Liam grew up as an avid reader, his uncle was a teacher in Ireland and encouraged him by sending books. He used to write stories for his children and became the family storyteller. Liam's wife Linda was curious about her husband's writing and asked to read his books. Back in 2004, she signed Liam up for a Creative Writing course at the Farnham Centre. Liam enjoyed the classes that were a very different experience from his formal education. His tutor at that time was Helen White and Liam credits her as "the fire that forged me" by shaping and polishing the skills he possesses today.

In 2011, Liam relocated to the West Country and continues to work as a local, rural postman.

Cornwall offered few creative writing courses, so Liam published articles in the "Country Notebook", a section of the Western Morning Newspaper. Most of his material stemmed from his experiences during his daily work, including life in the countryside, events that occurred during his deliveries and the intense beauty of the landscape and seascapes of Cornwall. Some stories were quirky and amusing, such as the incident involving a seagull who mistook a golf ball for an egg and was somewhat baffled as to why it never cracked open!

About eighteen months ago, the paper ceased to publish the Country Notebook section but by sheer chance he picked up a leaflet called Country Books.

Liam's book was received by the editor of Merlin Unwin and he attended a working business lunch. His book was accepted for publication. Liam was overcome with joy, "I could have cried!" he said.

The book is the validation of Liam as a strong creative writer, inspired by the rural country life and celebrating memoires of the past and present that appeal to all readers.

The book is available on Amazon.