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Attending a Lip reading and Managing Hearing Loss course with SAL

When I saw that our adult learning centre was starting Lip reading and Managing Hearing Loss courses, I enrolled, as I have moderate hearing loss. I wasn't sure what to expect but I hoped the course would help me understand conversations when I could not hear properly.

It has certainly done this and it has been so enjoyable. I have learnt techniques for where to be in a group to make it easier to hear and see people’s faces to make lip reading possible. Our class was quite small. We listened and watched as a group but there were lots of opportunities to work in pairs and small groups, so that we could lip read different people.

Each lesson was carefully prepared, by our Tutor, Jill Rose, with a variety of activities and they were fun. We learnt a new lip shape most weeks but we also worked on colours and numbers. There was repetition so that we built on the work we had done earlier in the term. Our Tutor was responsible to feedback from class members.

We had a break for coffee during the class because the concentration during the activities was tiring. I have learnt so much this year and attending the class has been so worthwhile.

By Ann Paddon