Walnut Tree Close – Pavement reconstruction works

What are we doing?

As part of Surrey County Council's commitment to improving roads and pavements, Walnut Tree Close, Guildford has been selected to be included on our Pavement Reconstruction Programme for 2024.

Our pavement works on Walnut Tree Close will start on Monday 8 January 2024 for 10 weeks. They will take place between Bridge House (Opposite Station Approach) to Kernal Court.

The work will be carried out in sections and each section will be completed before we move to the next. Working in sections allows greater access to properties.

What are the sections of work:

SectionTraffic ManagementArea
Section 1 Road ClosedFrom opposite Kernal Court to Addison
Section 2Road ClosedFrom Addison to Riverside Business Centre access
Section 3Road ClosedFrom Riverside Business Centre access to o/s 105
Section 4Road ClosedFrom 105 to 16-43 The Mews
Section 5Road ClosedFrom Wey View Court to Aquatico car park
Section 6Road ClosedFrom Aquatico car park to Bishops Wharf 1
Section 7Road ClosedFrom car park entrance of Bishops Wharf 1 to Station
Section 8Road ClosedStation approach to Bridge house entrance (End)

What access will I have to the road?

Due to the nature of the work, each section will be fenced off and there will be no access for vehicles whilst this is closed. This is a 24/7 closure, but access will be maintained by foot.

Access to the road will still be possible, from either end and up to the closure point. If you require access to your vehicle, please park your car outside of the works area. If your vehicle is left within the works area, we will not be able to provide access once our works have started.

We will make sure you can get to and from your house or business when it is safe to do so. Please talk to a member of our staff on site if you need help – talking to our staff can solve most issues.

Our contractors will be on site to assist with any enquiries or access requirements.

How will I know what section is being worked on?

Before moving sections, we will endeavour to give residents prior warning to move vehicles by marking the works area with cones and barriers and by placing no parking flyers on vehicles.

Why have we suspended the One Way Section?

During these works the One-Way Section of Walnut Tree Close will be temporarily suspended to allow access from Woodbridge Meadows, which will be managed by temporary traffic signals.

How long will each section be closed?

As the sections differ in length it would be difficult to set a duration on each, we also do not know what we will find when we start digging.

Before moving sections, we will endeavour to give residents prior warning by marking the works area with cones, barriers and by placing no parking flyers on vehicles.

How do we maintain or prioritise our pavements?

Surrey County Council is responsible for maintaining all pavements in Surrey except those that are privately owned.

Please see the following web page for more information: Maintaining our pavements.

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