Sewerage systems deal with the removal and treatment of foul water/waste.

If your enquiry is about a public sewer, Thames Water Utilities Ltd is the first point of contact.

Thames Water Utilities Ltd deals with all areas of Surrey except in the following areas where it deals with:

  • 90% of Mole Valley
  • 60% of Tandridge
  • 95% of Waverley

They can advise on which companies cover the remainder.

They may refer you to your local District or Borough Council, Surrey County Council or the Environment Agency, depending on the nature of the enquiry.

Thames Water Utilities Ltd will send out an inspector who will look at the problem free of charge, and can advise on ownership or liability for sewers on private property or houses. The company deal with the day to day management of the sewerage system, which includes dealing with blocked sewers and spillages maintaining pipes and pumping stations.

Your District and Borough Council also hold public sewerage records and can advise you about ownership/liability.

Properties built after 1937

From 1 October 2011, water and sewerage companies in England and Wales will become responsible for private sewers, which are currently the responsibility of property owners. Previously, the sewers of properties built after 1937 were the responsibility of the property owner.

However, not all private pipes are included. There will be some cases where the property owners remain responsible for the sections of pipe between the property / building and the transferred private sewer or lateral drain.

To find out how you may be affected by the change of law, please see the information about the Private sewer transfer on the Thames Water website.

Properties built before 1937

With regard to houses built before 1937, any sewage problem inside or under the property/properties are treated as 'public property' and will be dealt with by Thames Water Utilities Ltd.

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