Flooding and wetspots

What is a wetspot?

A "wetspot" is a term we use to record the location of a reported, recurring flood incident which is unlikely to be solved through our day-to-day activities. This might be a problem caused by or affecting the highway, or be an issue affecting homes, businesses or important infrastructure.

How do I report a wetspot?

Wetspots are flooding incidents and you can report a wetspot online.

How are wetspots prioritised?


Each wetspot is assessed and given a score. A number of factors are taken into account when assessing each site, but the key things that contribute to a high score include:

  • Risk to safety
  • Property flooding
  • Disruption to critical services
  • Social and economic impacts
  • Long duration and/or high frequency of flooding

All of this information is analysed and the overall score calculated. The score is a fact-based assessment to reflect the severity of the flood risk.

Wetspot ScoreRisk Level
Less than 50Lower
Between 50 and 150Medium
More than 150High

We prioritise work to the highest scoring wetspots and review the Medium and High categories annually with the Local Highways Teams. The score of all wetspots will be updated with the most recent information as it is received.


There are four wetspot statuses:

  • Current - The wetspot is an active flooding location but has not yet been prioritised for work
  • In progress - The wetspot is being investigated for works to mitigate the risk; either through our works or through third party negotiations.
  • Resolved - Works have already been carried out to try to reduce the flooding and the site is awaiting review during a heavy rainfall event to ensure the works have been successful
  • Dormant - The wetspot has no recorded instances of flooding within the last two years and is being kept for information only.

When will wetspot 'X' be fixed?

When investigating sites for potential capital works, we try to resolve the highest scoring wetspots first, as these have the greatest impact. However, we do resolve lower scoring wetspots if the works can be carried out by the local area highway team, are incorporated into a larger maintenance scheme, or can be funded by a third party.

Are there wetspots in my area?

For more information about wetspots in your area, use the Surrey Interactive Map, search the current Surrey Wetspots List (below), or email flooding.enquiries@surreycc.gov.uk.

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