Minor highway proposals in Spelthorne

List of schemes revealed under questions 3.6 (a to l) on the Con29R local authority search.

AshfordB3003 Clockhouse Lane accessibility improvement.Introduce pedestrian/cycle bridge over railway line.
Staines & AshfordKingston Road cycle link.Provision of off-carriageway cycle link between Knowle Green and Ashford Road.
Shepperton Charlton Lane / Charlton Road / New Road junction improvement.Investigate provision of roundabout to reduce congestion.
SunburyStaines Road West / Cadbury Road / Windmill Road junction improvement.Investigate improved pedestrian facilities.
Ashford/SunburyA308 Staines Road West / Chertsey Road improvement.Investigate improvements to crossing facilities at this junction.
StainesGresham Road Improvements.Investigate alterations for traffic, parking and speed management.
Shepperton Walton Bridge Road safety improvements.Investigate pedestrian crossing improvements.
LalehamLaleham Safety Improvements.Investigate provision of pedestrian refuge, dropped kerbs, improvements to signage & road markings and possible parking improvements.
Staines-StanwellTown Lane - A30 to Ashford Hospital.Provision of shared footway/cycleway and toucan crossing at junction to hospital.
Shepperton High Street improvements.Alterations to crossing points and waiting restrictions at northern end.
AshfordChertsey Road speed management.Provide 6 sets of speed cushions between Staines Road West and Feltham Hill Road.
StainesHigh Street Bollards.Investigate improvements to rising bollards.
StainesVarious waiting restrictionsProposed waiting restrictions along Fairfield Avenue, Moormede Crescent and A308 London Road.
VariousSpelthorne Parking Review 2020Proposed waiting restrictions in Ashford, Laleham, Shepperton, Sunbury, Halliford, Staines and Stanwell.
StanwellLong Lane width restrictionReintroduce physical barrier to enforce width restriction near Short Lane.
Staines - SunburyA308 Staines Road West Cycle and pedestrian improvements.New and improved facilities between Sunbury Cross and Fordbridge Roundabout.
LalehamBuckland School Safety Scheme.Investigate various options including dropped kerbs, build-outs, junction/carriageway narrowing, raised table and one-way system in vicinity of school.
StainesA30 London Road / Kingston Road junction alteration.Alter the permitted movements at this junction so that westbound buses are able to continue straight across this junction using the nearside lane as well as the outside lane.
LalehamShepperton Road Zebra Crossing.Replace uncontrolled crossing point south of Vicarage Lane with zebra crossing.
Shepperton Squires Bridge Road Raised Puffin Crossing.Replace existing crossing south-west of Studios Road with raised Puffin Crossing.
AshfordAshford Road / Spelthorne Lane / Charlton Road signalised junctionConvert existing mini-roundabout to fully signalised junction with pedestrian crossing facilities. Traffic turning bans also required along with extension of 30mph limit on Ashford Road.

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