Highways information team

Highways searches, records and data

The Highways Information and Business Support Team collect, store and provide information about Surrey's highways.

Services include:

Enquiry charges and payments

A standard enquiry costs £35. A standard enquiry includes one question and to produce one A4 plan, if requested. Additional questions are usually charged at a further £11 each.

We have different charges for some of our other services, please see Highways information and Business Support Team charges for details. We provide an answer to your enquiry electronically, by email. A paper copy of the information may cost more.

After we receive your request for information, we will calculate the cost and ask you to make payment. We will start work on your enquiry when we have received your payment.

Providing responses to local searches (form Con29 Required or Con29 Optional)

We answer: highway, rights of way, rail, common land and drainage consent questions on all official local searches, this is called a Con29. To submit a full local search, contact the Local Land Charges Department at your local District or Borough Council.

Our searches summarise a large amount of information. Guidance about this information is shown in our Data Access Arrangements (PDF).

To request a personal search please email personal.searches@surreycc.gov.uk. Also see our section on road and rail proposals.

The cost for a Con29 Required search is £47 (inc. VAT) and for Con29 Optional is £20 (inc. VAT). Please check the full details of Highways information and Business Support Team charges before you continue.

Confirmation of the highway boundary

Confirmation of the highway boundary is often requested during a house purchase (the conveyancing process) to make sure a property meets the highway without any third party land in between.

Confirmation of the highway boundary is also useful for planning applications, confirming the boundary line between private property and the highway, and confirming the responsibility for features in verge areas.

Contact our roads and transport service to request confirmation of the highway boundary. Your request must be in writing. The cost for this service is shown below.

The cost is determined by the length of the boundary and how we store the information about an area. The information we supply can include plans up to A0 size which will cost more.

Our standard cost for A4 size is:

  • Up to 50m: £35
  • Each additional 50 metres or part thereof (from 50m to 500m): £11
  • Each additional 10 metres or part thereof (over 500m): £1

Please check the full details of Highways information and Business Support Team charges before you continue.

Confirmation of public right of way

We can confirm the location of a public right of way. We do this by using extracts of the Definitive map and Definitive statement. Our standard enquiry cost of £35.00 is payable for this.

For other enquiries about public rights of way, such as maintenance arrangements and claims for new public rights, contact the Countryside Access Team.

Road adoption agreements and highway works agreements and the adoption of new estate roads

We can provide updates and copies of current and past road adoption and highway works agreements. The cost to provide a copy of an agreement and plan is £35.

If you have an enquiry about the adoption of a new estate road, contact Transportation Development Planning.

Local street gazetteer and the list of highways maintained at public expense

We maintain the Local Street Gazetteer and make monthly submissions to the National Street Gazetteer.

The road network overlay on the Surrey interactive map shows the highways that are maintained at public expense and their classification.

Copies of the list of highways that are maintained at public expense are also available to view at each of the borough or district council offices.

Information about road classification

We are able to confirm the classification of a given road in Surrey. This information is important when considering an application for a Vehicle Cross Over as the classification of the road will determine whether planning permission will be required.

Information about road and rail proposals or schemes in Surrey

We keep records of all of the approved and current road and rail proposals in Surrey.

All current approved proposals are available.

Contact the team to request details and updates. Your request must be in writing.

Please check the full details of Highways information and Business Support Team charges before you continue.

Removal of public rights over a highway

Any roads owned by highways or any land which is part of a highway has public rights. Sometimes the council will allow land to be purchased and the public right be removed. This process is known as Stopping-up.

If Stopping-up is required for planning permission, make an application to the National Transport Casework Team at the Department of Transport.

In all other cases you should apply to us. We can apply to the magistrates' court for an order to remove public rights. Please read our policies about Stopping-up applications for:

For further information about our services please contact us.

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