Approved proposals for major road and rail schemes

The following lists confirm the approved major highway and rail proposals within Surrey.

Surrey County Council and borough/district major schemes revealed under question 3.4 (a to f) of the CON29 Search

The information below details the major highway schemes originating at Surrey County Council and partner local authorities.

NameLocationOriginating AuthorityDetails
A320 North of WokingVarious RunnymedeSurrey County Council and Runnymede Borough CouncilVarious junction and capacity improvements along and in the vicinity of the A320. See A320 north of Woking improvements for further details
Staines Bridge WideningStaines Upon ThamesSurrey County CouncilProposal to widen carriageway and introduce footway/cycleway on upstream side. Included at Surrey Cabinet meeting (27/11/2012) as part of post-2019 Major Scheme Programme.
Junction Improvement / Road widening - Camberley Town CentreCamberleySurrey County CouncilSeek junction improvements at following locations: 1) London Road/Knoll Road/Kings Ride; 2) London Road/Park Street; 3) Knoll Road/Portesbury Road; 4) High Street/Portesbury Road. Included under policy TC8 of the Camberley Town Centre Area Action Plan available to view under the planning section of Surrey Heath Borough Councils website.
New Rear Service Roads - Camberley Town CentreCamberleySurrey County CouncilSeek provision of rear service roads at the following locations: 1) East of High Street (No. 1-9) north of St Georges Road; 2) East of High Street (No. 11-61), between St Georges Road and Knoll Walk; 3) East of High Street (No. 65-85), south of Knoll Walk; 4) West of Park Street (No. 80-100), south of Southwell Park Road. Included under policy TC10 of the Camberley Town Centre Area Action Plan available to view under the planning section of Surrey Heath Borough Councils website.
New Rear Service Roads Bagshot Town CentreBagshotSurrey County CouncilSeek provision of rear service roads at the rear of Half Moon Street and High Street, Bagshot. The Council will not permit development that prejudices the achievement of rear access to the properties at this location. It is hoped that this can be achieved by creating service roads off of Park Street and another off of Bridge Road. Scheme is contained with Surrey Heath Borough Councils Local Plan 2000.
Yorktown Strategy 2002 - New RoadsYorktown/CamberleySurrey County CouncilProposed new link roads within the Yorktown Industrial site including: 1) Linking Doman Road to Riverside Way; 2) Linking Tuscam Way (Nokia Service Road) with Bracebridge; 3) Linking Doman Road with a left in / left out junction on the A331 Blackwater Valley Route through the Council depot site; 4) Extension of the Nokia Service Road to the west of Tuscam Way (possibly to link with Nelson Way. Contained within the Yorktown Supplementary Planning Guidance note 2003.
Yorktown Strategy 2002 - Junction ImprovementsYorktown/CamberleySurrey County CouncilProposed junction improvements within the Yorktown Industrial site including: 1) Widening Stanhope Road; 2) Signalise Stanhope Road / Trafalgar Way junction; 3) Signalise Stanhope Road / Tuscam Way junction; 4) Signalise Stanhope Road / Glebeland Road junction. Contained within the Yorktown Supplementary Planning Guidance note 2003.
A30 London Road - New Service RoadCamberleySurrey County CouncilProvision of a new service road off of Frimley Road catering for Nos. 319-369 London Road and 1-13 Frimley Road. Contained within Surrey Heath Borough Councils Local Plan 2000.
Woking Town Centre Access ImprovementsWokingSurrey County CouncilPedestrian tunnels provided through Victoria Arch. Improvements to Brook House Roundabout at eastern end of A320 Victoria Way. Extend Boundary Road over the Basingstoke Canal to link with A320 Chertsey Road. Introduce signal controlled junction at Monument Road/Walton Road/Eve Road junction. Originally considered under the Woking Movement Study and land safeguarded within Woking Borough Councils Local Plan 1999.
A320 Guildford Road / Victoria Road two-way workingWokingSurrey County Council / Woking Borough CouncilConsultation on altering the A320 south of Victoria Arch. Involves widening and two-way working, pedestrian crossings, shared pedestrian/cycle facilities and junction alterations.
Kiln Lane LinkEpsomSurrey County CouncilProposed new single carriageway road linking Blenheim Road with Kiln Lane. Proposed link is safeguarded within the Epsom and Ewell Local Plan 2000 and is contained within Surreys Local Transport Plan 2011-2026.
Ashley Avenue & Ashley Road ImprovementsEpsomEpsom and Ewell Borough Council and Surrey County CouncilEpsom and Ewell Borough Councils adopted Plan E proposes reinstating two-way traffic along Ashley Avenue and Ashley Road. Plan E Infrastructure Delivery Plan indicates not to consider until 2020-2025. Details of Plan E are available on Epsom and Ewell Borough Council website.
New Road Link to Guildford Train Station GuildfordSurrey County CouncilProposal to introduce a new road access to the north of Guildford Train Station. Route would run parallel to the railway line before joining Walnut Tree Close near the Dairy Distribution Depot. Scheme contained with Guildford Borough Councils Local Plan 2003.
New Ash Road BridgeAshGuildford Borough CouncilAsh Road Bridge on Guildford Borough Council website.
Leatherhead Movement StudyLeatherheadSurrey County CouncilProposed introduction of two-way traffic on Bull Hill between Leret Way and Randalls Road, along with improvement of Waterway Road and Station Road junction. Contained within Mole Valley Local Plan 2000.
Dorking Movement StudyDorkingSurrey County CouncilProposed long-term option to convert Vincent Lane to two-way working, or retain as one-way and introduce a bus lane along the west side. Proposal is largely dependent upon land being provided by the redevelopment of the industrial business park to the west of Vincent Lane.
A24 North Holmwood - Capel safety improvementNorth Holmwood - CapelSurrey County CouncilPublic consultation investigating safety improvements on the A24 at: 1) Flint Hill / Horsham Road roundabout; 2) Mid Holmwood Lane junction; 3) Old Horsham Road / Henfold Drive / Beare Green Roundabout; 4) Coles Lane junction; 5) Clarks Green roundabout.
A24 Horsham to Capel Bypass CapelSurrey County Council and West Sussex County CouncilProposal for a new single carriageway road bypassing the existing A24 Horsham Road, between the County Boundary and Clarks Green. The Mole Valley Core Strategy safeguards land outside the highway boundary identified for this scheme against other forms of development. Also included within Surreys Local Transport Plan 2011-2026.
A24 Capel to County Boundary improvement scheme.CapelSurrey County CouncilAlternative scheme to above-mentioned bypass scheme. Involves safety improvements at Clarks Green Roundabout and widening/realigning Clockhouse bend. Included in proposed Major Schemes Programme 2015-2019.
M25 Junction 9LeatherheadSurrey County CouncilIncluded within Mole Valleys Local Transport Strategy & Future Programme. Potential to be delivered within the medium term (3-6yrs) but estimated £10m cost. Only at scheme identification stage.
Reigate Road Network Improvement SchemeReigateSurrey County CouncilPackage of measures involves 1) reconfiguring road network around town centre; 2) introduce toucan crossings and cycle routes; 3) junction improvements and 4) possible pedestrian priority measures along High Street.
M23/A23 Interchange ImprovementM23 J/W A23 Hooley InterchangeSurrey County CouncilIncluded within Tandridge's Local Transport Strategy & Future Programme and Surrey's Major Schemes Programme (2012). Interchange safety improvements identified. Highways Agency previously consulted on this in 2003 but currently regarded as on hold.
Horley North-West Development InfrastructureHorleySurrey County CouncilProposed new road from A23 Bonehurst Road, in the vicinity of its junction with Empire Villas, in a south-westerly direction across open countryside. The road would cross Meath Green Lane and join the A217 Reigate Road near Sunny Acres Farm. Required as part of proposed new residential development to the north-west of Horley.
Horley Town Centre SPDHorleySurrey County CouncilThe Horley Town Centre Regeneration Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) proposes the creation of a new town centre square on the site of the existing Consort Way East Car Park. Two new streets would need to be provided: one from the new town centre to the High Street, the other from the new town centre to Victoria Road. A copy of the SPD can be found on the Reigate and Banstead Borough Council website.
Salbrook Road - New Road LinkSalfordSurrey County CouncilProposed small new access road from Salbrook Road into Salfords Goods Yard (near Salford Train Station), which has been identified for future development. This new access would mean that the site would no longer need to be accessed via Southern Avenue, a residential road. Contained within Reigate and Banstead Borough Councils Local Plan 2006.
Wapses Lodge Roundabout ImprovementWhyteleafeSurrey County Council and Tandridge District CouncilThe Tandridge Local Transport Strategy & Forward Programme includes a proposal to signalise roundabout, provide pedestrian crossing facilities, reconstruct the carriageway, improve drainage and provide environmental enhancements.
A31 Farnham Bypass improvements at Hickleys CornerFarnhamSurrey County CouncilExisting Hickleys Corner traffic signals replaced by a roundabout, with the A31 carried beneath the roundabout in an underpass. Firgrove Hill Bridge would be rebuilt to accommodate four lanes on the A31, and access improvements would take place at the junction with Weydon Lane. Scheme is contained within Waverley Borough Councils Local Plan 2002 and Surreys Local Transport Plan 2011-2026.
Wrecclesham BypassFarnhamSurrey County CouncilPossible new single carriageway connecting the A325 south of Wrecclesham, to the A31 west of Farnham, bypassing Wrecclesham Village. Contained within Surreys Local Transport Plan 2011-2026.

National Highways and other authority major schemes revealed under question 3.4 (a to f) of the CON29 Search

The information below details the major highways scheme originating at National Highways and adjoining local authorities.

NameLocation Originating AuthorityDetails
A30 Crooked Billet roundaboutStaines Upon ThamesNational Highways

Completed by National Highways

M25 J10 - J16 Smart Motorway upgrade.South west section of M25National Highways

Completed by National Highways

M25 J10/A3 Interchange & A3 Painshill Interchange Improvement.Wisley and Painshill InterchangeNational Highways

M25 junction 10 on National Highways website

A23 Brighton Road ImprovementsHooleyNational Highways

A23-Brighton Road, Hooley improvements on National Highways website

M23 Smart Motorway runningM23 J8-10National Highways

Completed by National Highways

A3 Widening, GuildfordGuildfordNational Highways / Surrey County CouncilInvestigate widening the carriageway between the A3/A31 Hogs Back and the A320 along with junction improvements. Autumn Statement 2014: Road Investment Strategy - Investment Plan - investigate in next development period (2021 onwards). Also contained within Surreys Local Transport plan 2011-2026.
A3 / A247 Burntcommon slip roadsGuildfordNational Highways and/or a developerAdopted Guildford Borough Council Local Plan: Strategy and Sites 2015-2034 includes proposals for an A3 northbound on-slip from A247 Clandon Road and an A3 southbound off-slip to A247 Clandon Road. See policy A42.
M25 Junction 8 with A217ReigateNational Highways

Completed by National Highways

Aldershot Urban ExtensionAldershotRushmoor Borough Council / Hampshire County Council.Possible new link road from Government Road to A331 Blackwater Valley Road and improvement to A323 Aldershot Road/Ash Road roundabout with A331 (either in or within 200m of Surrey). See Rushmoor Borough Council website for further information.

Railway schemes revealed under question 3.5 a/b of the CON29 Search

The information below details railway proposals within Surrey.

NameLocationOriginating AuthorityDetails
Woking Junction FlyoverWokingSurrey County CouncilNew Rail Strategy for Surrey (March 2021) suggests promoting a grade separated junction at Woking Junction to improve network capacity. Medium term delivery (5 to 10 years).
Merrow & Park Barn Railway StationsGuildfordSurrey County CouncilNew Rail Strategy for Surrey (March 2021) suggests new stations at Merrow and Park Barn. Guildford Borough Council in discussions with Network Rail regarding Park Barn. Merrow being developed by housing developer. Park Barn short term delivery (less than 5 years), Merrow medium term delivery (5 to 10 years).
Crowhurst Chord ReinstatementCrowhurst, TandridgeSurrey County Council and Tandridge District Council.The Tandridge Local Transport Strategy and Forward Programme agreed in December 2014 contains a long-term proposal to reintroduce this track to allow trains to run between London and Tonbridge via Oxted.

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