Minor highway proposals in Guildford

List of schemes revealed under questions 3.6 (a to l) on the Con29R local authority search.

GuildfordWoodbridge Meadows junction improvement.Junction safety improvement scheme.
GuildfordWoodbridge Meadows Cycle Improvements.Introduction of cycle network within the estate.
Guildford town centreWalnut Tree Close Closure.Investigate possibility of road closure north of train station as part of Guildford Town Centre Transport Package.
Guildford town centreWalnut Bridge replacement.Investigate replacement of Walnut Bridge (linking Walnut Tree Close and Bedford Road) with a widened bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.
Guildford town centreA25 Cycle Corridor.Investigate provision of missing cycle links along the A25.
Guildford town centreA3100 London Road Station cycle link.Investigate provision of shared footway/cycleway along London Road between London Road station and Boxgrove roundabout.
PirbrightAvenue De Cagny traffic calming.Investigate provision of traffic calming along this road.
AshA323 Aldershot Road stopping up.Investigate stopping up of highway verge outside the property known as Raevom.
SendPotters Lane stopping up.Investigate stopping up of highway verge outside number 130.
West HorsleyThe Street pedestrian crossing facilities.Investigate crossing facilities near the roundabout.
GuildfordAldershot Road Puffin Crossing.Investigate the upgrade of the zebra crossing to a puffin crossing.
GuildfordThe Chase stopping up order.Proposed Stopping up Order being advertised by Department for Transport under ref NATTRAN/SE/S247/3166.
GuildfordGuildford Town Centre Public Realm enhancement.Proposed improvements along Chapel Street, Swan Lane and Castle Street (including junction with South Hill and Sydenham Road).
GuildfordGuildford Park Road / Madrid Road turning ban.Investigate introduction of turning bans at these 2 junctions
GuildfordA25 Epsom Road Bus Lane.Possible introduction of bus lane along westbound lane between Merrow Park & Ride roundabout and Park Lane/Epsom Road roundabout.
GuildfordA322 Woodbridge Road parking/waiting restrictions.Proposed introduction of double yellow lines and shared-use parking bays along multiple sections of Woodbridge Road.
GuildfordHarvey Road pedestrian refuge.Proposed provision of a pedestrian refuge.
VariousGuildford March 2021 Parking Review.Proposed new waiting restrictions in Ash, Ash Vale, Burpham, Chilworth, East Horsley, Gomshall, Guildford Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), Merrow, Pirbright, Puttenham, Seale, Stoughton Tongham, Westborough and West Clandon.
EffinghamLower Road traffic calming.Investigate provision of road tables
Holmbury St MaryHorsham Road traffic calmingInvestigate traffic calming measures
GuildfordA3100 London Road Pedestrian Refuge.Investigate refuge between Winterhill Way and Orchard Road.
East HorsleyOckham Road South traffic calming.Investigate provision of road table, probably in the vicinity of the junction with Forest Road.
SealeSeale Road / Littleworth Road safety scheme.Investigation of a junction improvement scheme.
GuildfordEpsom Road / Waterden Road left turn ban.Investigate provision of left-turn ban from Epsom Road into Waterden Road.
RipleyNewark Lane Road widening.Investigate possible widening of road near the junction with High Street.
GuildfordHazel Avenue weight limit.Investigate provision of 7.5t weight limit.
GuildfordFranham Road pedestrian crossing improvementInvestigate widening of pedestrian island on the east side of the Guildford Park Road roundabout
GuildfordHolly Lane pedestrian refuge.Investigate provision of pedestrian refuge.
JacobswellClay lane traffic calming.Provide road table traffic calming measures in the vicinity of Blanchards Hill / Jacobs Well Road.
GuildfordCastle Hill traffic calmingInvestigate traffic calming measures
AshAsh Hill Road zebra crossingInvestigate provision of zebra crossing near Victoria Hall
GuildfordElectronic Vehicle Parking bayswww.guildford.gov.uk/parkingformaladvertisement
AshAsh Street Stopping Up Order.Stopping Up fronting 120-124 Ash Street currently being advertised by Department for Transport under reference NATTRAN/SE/S247/4675
ShalfordDagley Lane cycle path upgrade.Widen and resurface existing cycle path on Dagley Lane between railway bridge and Water Works site.
BurphamA3100 London Road cycle route.Provision of off-road cycle route between Clay Lane roundabout and A25 Park Way roundabout.
GuildfordHarvey Road / Epsom Road left turn ban.Investigate provision of left-turn ban from Harvey Road into Epsom Road.
GuildfordWalnut Tree Close traffic calming.Provision of a flat top road table opposite the new Walnut Bridge.

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