Eco and health friendly travel to and from school

Your school's role in helping lower engine emissions, improve local air quality, and support health and wellbeing

We are all more and more conscious of the negative environmental impact human activity can have on our planet and want to support ways to combat it, particularly when it comes to car engine emissions.

1 in 4 cars on the road each morning are on the school run and are responsible for half a million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually in the UK, more than some small countries.

More students travelling by foot or bike, or walking the last 10 minutes to school means fewer cars outside the school gates. This improves safety in close proximity of the school and improves the air quality for all.

On top of this, 20% of 11 year olds are already obese, making compelling reasons why it is important to encourage this age group to think about more active ways to complete their school journey. What better time to fit in exercise, especially with PE hours having reduced by 20% in secondary schools over the past five years.

Schools have a key role to play in raising awareness and encouraging behaviour change towards more sustainable and healthy ways to travel to and from school, both for pupils, parents and staff, and running activities in your school to tackle these issues is a great way to support such a important societal causes.

How we can help

Our Safer Travel Team can support schools with a number of sustainable travel initiatives and resources. Find out more below.

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