Woking major transport schemes

Victoria Arch Widening Project

See Woking Borough Council's website for information relating to the Victoria Arch Widening Project.

Woking Integrated Transport Project

See Woking Borough Council's website for information relating to the Woking Integrated Transport Project.

Woking Sustainable Transport Package

Surrey County Council and Woking Borough Council have jointly developed a proposal for a package of schemes that will make it easier to travel on foot, by bike and by bus to and from Woking town centre and railway station, as well as around Woking more widely.

The proposed schemes will:

  • Support the town centre regeneration and other development planned in Woking Borough, by improving access to the town centre and helping to lower traffic congestion
  • Improve access to Woking railway station
  • Increase the range of sustainable travel options, which have a lower impact on local air quality and lower carbon emissions
  • Make it easier, safer and more pleasant to walk and cycle short journeys in Woking, giving more people the opportunity to enjoy healthy, physical activity as part of their everyday travel
  • Be delivered alongside and enhance the Woking Integrated Transport Project works that are improving road layouts in Woking town centre

Bus schemes

Bus schemes that are expected to be incorporated within the package are:

  • Upgrades along the 34, 35 and 91 bus routes towards Kingfield, Westfield and Mayford in the south and St John's, Goldsworth Park and Knaphill in the west to create 'Quality Bus Corridors'. Improvements include measures to reduce delays at congestion 'hotspots', live 'countdowns' to the arrival of the next bus at bus stops, making bus stops more comfortable and easier to walk to, and making buses and bus stops more accessible to everyone.
  • Upgrades to the Broadway bus stops, focussing on improving accessibility.

Bus routes 34 and 35 continue to Guildford in the south, and Camberley in the west. It is envisaged that Woking residents travelling by bus to Guildford or Camberley will also benefit from investment planned as part of the Unlocking Guildford and A30 and Camberley Town Centre Improvement schemes.

Updates on project progress and next steps are included in project newsletters:

Walking and cycling schemes

Walking and cycling schemes that are expected to be incorporated within the package are:

  • A new bridge for walkers and cyclists across the canal near the junction of Lockfield Drive and Victoria Way, creating a direct link between the town centre and paths heading towards Goldsworth Park, St John's and beyond
  • A shared pedestrian – cyclist route along Victoria Way, linking the new bridge to High Street
  • A new cycle route linking the railway station and town centre with existing cycle routes to Horsell, Sheerwater and beyond at Chobham Road canal bridge

These proposals build upon earlier work delivered as part of 'Cycle Woking', which introduced a network of 26km of off-road and 12km of on-road cycle routes in the town and saw the number of trips made by bike and on foot increase substantially (see: Cycle Woking End of Programme Report). This package of measures will create new and improved connections between the town centre and the existing walking and cycling network, opening up new journey options for people across the north side of the town.

Work completed so far

In collaboration with Woking Borough Council, Surrey County Council have applied for and successfully received funding from Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Programme to deliver the above schemes, which will be supported by Woking Borough Council's own financial contributions towards the delivery of the schemes.

Work on upgrading Woking's bus stops is now underway and new cycle parking has also been installed in the town centre, which will compliment the new town centre cycle route. A series of improvements along Chertsey Road and Chobham Road have improved cycling conditions through Woking town centre. Improved surfacing, the introduction of dropped kerbing and the installation of traffic bollards on Chobham Road has made the route easier, safer, and more attractive to cycle along.

What happens next?

Ongoing pedestrianisation works in Woking town centre will go hand-in-hand with this scheme to help deliver the safest route possible. Design and planning work for the walking and cycling bridge and Victoria Way cycle scheme is ongoing, with options on how it can be delivered alongside the ongoing Victoria Arch Widening Project being explored. It is expected that construction of the walking and cycling bridge will begin in winter 2021.

Construction work in preparation for the upgraded bus shelters is currently underway. This includes pedestrian improvements at the stops, electrical groundworks and accessibility improvements such as raised kerbs. The improved shelters complete with real time passenger information displays are anticipated to be rolled out along the 34, 35 and 91 bus routes from autumn 2021, as well as improvements to the Broadway bus stops.

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