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Guildford major transport schemes

Town Centre Transport Package (TCTP)

The Guildford TCTP is package of seven infrastructure schemes to be constructed between 2017-2020 which intend to make it easier for people to get around Guildford town centre on foot, by bicycle and by public transport.

During Autumn 2015, we consulted on a number of ideas that we were considering taking forward as part of the TCTP. Your views, summarised in our TCTP consultation report (PDF), helped us to shape the proposals and make a decision on the seven specific schemes that would be developed further.

Following the submission of a successful business case in 2016, Surrey County Council and Guildford Borough Council have been granted funding from the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership to construct the TCTP. We are working with our partners at Guildford Borough Council to deliver this scheme and to make sure that the works will complement the proposals in the Town Centre Masterplan.

Details of the seven schemes in the Guildford TCTP are available below.

1. Walnut Tree Close

The proposals for Walnut Tree Close aim to reduce the amount of traffic using the road, particularly vehicles that use the road as a through-route between the A25 and the gyratory. To achieve this aim we are planning to undertake a trial one-way traffic restriction, which will permit only northbound traffic along a section of Walnut Tree Close/Woodbridge Meadows (PDF) between Kernel Court and a location just north of Woodbridge Meadows Car Park.

In Summer 2016 we undertook a public consultation specifically focused on Walnut Tree Close where feedback was sought on the proposals. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the consultation; an analysis of the responses can be found in the Walnut Tree Close consultation report (PDF).

By carrying out the trial we hope to:

  • Reduce peak-hour queuing along Walnut Tree Close
  • Improve safety for all road users
  • Reduce the conflict between traffic exiting Walnut Tree Close and the gyratory
  • Create a more pleasant environment along the road to encourage more walking and cycling

Preparatory works will take place during January and February 2020 whilst the one-way trial itself is expected to begin in Summer 2020. During the trial, the impacts of the changes will be monitored and assessed to determine the success of the scheme and help decide whether the measures are made permanent.

Regular updates and more information on the nature of the works can be found on our Walnut Tree Close roadworks web page.

2. Walnut Bridge

The existing bridge over the River Wey will be replaced with a new bridge designed for non-motorised users, linking Guildford Rail Station to the Bedford Wharf area. The scheme is being delivered by Guildford Borough Council.

The location and alignment of the existing bridge means that visitors to Guildford who are less familiar with area are often unaware of it, whilst the current width requires cyclists to dismount when travelling across it.

Access to the new bridge will no longer be hidden by the surrounding buildings on Walnut Tree Close which should encourage greater use by those travelling between the rail station and town centre. The new bridge will also be considerably wider, providing an easier route for cyclists without the need to dismount.

3. Guildford College Link+

The link will use residential roads to provide a quiet and pleasant route for pedestrians and cyclists, connecting the new Walnut Bridge and the Bedford Wharf area to Guildford College.

The scheme will include the provision of directional signs, new controlled crossings and the provision of off-road cycle facilities.

4. Millbrook Car Park (complete)

The junction arrangement at Millbrook Car Park previously only allowed traffic exiting the car park to turn left and enter the gyratory rather than turn right and travel southbound, which put additional pressure on town centre traffic. Visitors travelling from the south of Guildford were also discouraged from using the car park because of the difficulty in returning southbound after leaving.

The scheme involved reconfiguring and partially signalising the junction to enable traffic to turn right when exiting the car park, therefore easing the pressure on the gyratory and making the car park more attractive to potential users.

Construction of the scheme was completed in May 2018.

5. A25 Cycle Corridor

The existing off-road shared-use pedestrian and cycle facility along the A25 was improved as part of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund in 2014/15, however there were a number areas along the route that could not be upgraded to a desirable standard at the time. As such, there are sections of the route that are incomplete and act as 'gaps' in the network where cyclists must dismount or join the road.

As part of the Guildford TCTP these gaps will be filled in, extending or improving the existing shared-use facility in the following locations along the A25:

  • South side of the A25 Midleton Road between Midleton Industrial Estate Road and Surrey Way (complete)
  • South side of the A25 Woodbridge Road between the A322 and Woodbridge Meadows (complete)
  • North side of the A25 Ladymead outside the Ladymead Retail Centre
  • South side of the A25 Parkway between Stoke Crossroads and Boxgrove Roundabout (complete)

Construction work on the shared-use facility along the south side of the A25 was completed in August 2019.

6. A25/A320 Stoke Crossroads (complete)

The junction of the A25 and A320 (Stoke Crossroads) is located along a popular route into the town centre from Stoughton, Slyfield and other areas north of Guildford. However, due to its links to the A3, Stoke Crossroads is a particularly busy junction for vehicular traffic and a difficult junction to cross for non-motorised users. Only two of the arms of the junction currently have controlled crossing facilities at surface level, and whilst the western arm has a pedestrian bridge the northern arm has no crossing facilities at all. Much of the road surface at the junction is also in a poor condition

The proposed improvements will include:

  • Providing improved crossing facilities across the junction for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Widening the pathways on each of the corners of the junction to create a shared-use pedestrian and cycle facility, filling another gap in the A25 cycle corridor.
  • Converting the signals to operate in tandem with the A3 southbound off-slip to enable the junction to work more efficiently for traffic.
  • Resurfacing the carriageway around the junction.
  • Improving bus reliability by upgrading the traffic signals to prioritise late-running buses.

Construction work on the junction was completed in March 2019.

7. A3100 London Road

The section of London Road between the Boxgrove Roundabout and London Road Rail Station currently has an on-road advisory cycle lane, however the cycle lane is intermittent and stops in some areas, particularly outside Stoke Park.

The route will be improved to provide a continuous cycle facility along this section of London Road. Crossing facilities will also be improved along London Road for pedestrians whilst the facilities at a number of the bus stops will be upgraded.

Unlocking Guildford

Unlocking Guildford is a package of transport improvements that seeks to address existing issues on the transport network and alleviate these problems to enable opportunities for further growth in the borough.

These improvements include measures that will:

  • Encourage more people to use the bus
  • Ease congestion at key hotspots in the west of the borough
  • Enable traffic to be managed more effectively during incidents
  • Alleviate flooding around the town centre

Guildford Borough Council are currently working in partnership with Surrey County Council to develop this package of improvements and will also be providing 'match funding' towards the work.

What happens next

Between 22 January and 4 March 2018 we asked for your feedback on the schemes which make up the Unlocking Guildford transport package. Thank you for providing your input during this period, this will help to provide support for our bid for funding and assist us in deciding how to develop the schemes further.

The public consultation is now closed, however you can still view the proposals at the bottom of this page. Analysis of the feedback received during the public consultation can be found in the Unlocking Guildford consultation report (PDF).

Together, Guildford Borough Council and Surrey County Council submitted a bid to the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (external) at the end of April 2018 for the main portion of funding to deliver the improvements.

Sustainable Movement Corridor (SMC): West

The Guildford SMC is a package of improvements to assist travel by sustainable modes of transport from one side of the town centre to another whilst serving key points along the way. The SMC was initially proposed within the Guildford Town and Approaches Movement Study (external) commissioned by Guildford Borough Council. The SMC is split into a number of phases.

Guildford Borough Council are currently working in partnership with Surrey County Council to develop the first phase of the corridor, the SMC West, which focuses on improving facilities to make it easier for pedestrians, cyclists and bus users to the west of Guildford town centre. The SMC West will connect destinations including Surrey Research Park, Royal Surrey County Hospital, University of Surrey Campuses and Guildford rail station.

Pedestrian and cycle improvements between Tesco, the Stag Hill Campus and Alresford Road

This scheme is being managed by Guildford Borough Council (external)

Project description

Pedestrian and cycle improvements are being carried out between Tesco by Bannisters Field, the Stag Hill campus of the University and onwards towards the main rail station at Guildford.

Benefits of the project

These improvements will make walking and cycling better along this busy corridor which is especially well used by the University as it links up the campuses.

What has happened to date

Between 18 September and 29 October 2017 we asked for your views on a series of improvements that have been proposed as part of the SMC West. An analysis of the feedback received during the public consultation can be found in our SMC West consultation report (PDF). The information gathered during this consultation helped to provide support for our bid for funding and will also assist us in developing the plans further.

Guildford Borough Council submitted the bid to the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership in early January 2018 to fund the delivery of the scheme.

Files available to download